9 Mistakes Made While Applying Foundation

Foundation is the base to our makeup. If we mess up the application of our foundation we mess up the look of our faces. Most commonly made mistake of applying foundation include wrong shade and applying too much.

The application of foundation is an art if I may say so. It requires precise application to get the perfect flawless look.

Here are 9 things that can go wrong with the wrong application of foundation:

1. Applying too much

You might not have a clear complexion, filled with zits and marks. But that doesn’t mean you apply an overload of foundation.

When you apply too much foundation, you land up looking like a creamed cake or looking fake.

2. Using fingers in application

This is the most common mistake that nearly everyone make. They think that by using their fingers, it will blend in the skin properly.

But the fact is that it will only look patchy if applied with the fingers. Use a makeup wet sponge or a makeup brush to blend in the foundation.

3. Wrong shade

The mistake all of us make is checking the color of the foundation on the back of our arm. But let me tell you one thing, the color on your arm is different from that on our face.

So if you are buying foundation, experiment with colors on your nose, neck and cheeks. A shade lighter will leave you looking pale and a darker shade will make it look like a tan job gone wrong, so be very careful while selecting the shade of the foundation.

4. Wrong composition

Select a foundation based on your skin type. If you have oily skin, choose one that does is not oil based and has a matter finish. And similarly if you have dry skin, pick a creamy one that has added moisture.

5. Not setting makeup

Always set your makeup, especially if you want it to look flawless and set for the rest of the day. You don’t want the layers to show.

6. Not blending it on the neck

A lot of people forget to apply their foundation on the neck. If you apply it only to your face, you will land up looking like the head belong to another body.

7. Applying foundation before the moisturizer gets dry

A lot of us are in a hurry to get through with the process of makeup application. We rush to apply foundation even before the moisturizer dries.

So when we blend after applying the foundation, after it dries we will land up with streaks.

8. Using concealer under eyes before foundation

Under the eyes alone we should apply foundation first. Apply foundation, dab a few tiny specs of concealer and blend well.

Never apply the concealer first, as you will need to use a lot of foundation to achieve the even tone.

9. Skipping primer

We think that primer does nothing to our skin, especially due to the fact that it doesn’t have any coloration.

But a primer actually smoothens out the skin and prevent the wrinkles that form when we apply makeup and prevents makeup from settling in our creases.