Getting your skin ready for an exhaustive tour

While travelling, the biggest havoc is played with the skin. Where on one hand, it becomes a tad difficult to follow regular skin regimen, diet care also becomes difficult. All this take a serious toll on the skin. Following certain steps can help in ensuring your skin looks healthy and fabulous while travelling.

Skin regime to be followed

The very first step to be followed when on move is to follow skin regime regularly. At times, it becomes difficult to follow the regular course of action as there are several limitations during journey. It is easy to forget skin tips to be followed when one is in throes of holidaying. But, basic regimen line cleansing, toning and moisturising of skin should not be avoided at any cost. Skin needs a little bit pampering once in a while. One can see big difference in his or her skin when this regime is followed regularly.

If one avoids taking their regular skin products to keep their travel bags lighter, he or she can go for travel sizes for these products. High end cosmetic products are easily available in travel sizes or they can be poured in small bottles, enough for the span of journey. Whenever one gets time, these products can be used. Moisturising skin at regular intervals is necessary to keep it smooth and soft besides being wrinkle free.

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water

If our body is dehydrated inside, its impact will be visible on our skin. The best way to keep our body well hydrated is by drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. In case, indulging in a lot of physical activities during travelling, one needs to drink more waterthan the regular requirements. Flying also tend to make our bodies feel dehydrated thus it is important that one pays attention on water consumption. Lack of water may make the skin look lifeless and dull. Drinking water in sufficient amount will help you feel good and make you look good and fresh.

Go for a balanced diet

Though, while travelling we have to eat whatever is available and most of the times our focus on eating right just go out of the window. Fast food, erratic times of eating, consuming spicy, oily and fatty food, etc can take a serious toll on the health of the skin. One may experience acne breakouts or lifeless skin. Thus, it is necessary to indulge in right eating as far as possible.

Dabbing a lot of sunscreen

Harmful rays coming from the sun play havoc on the basic constitution of the skin. One can suffer from redness of skin and severe itchy feeling. Constant exposure to skin also expedites aging and eruption of sun spots. In order to avoid all these troubles, it is best to apply good quality sunscreen with appropriate SPF thrice a day. It is usually applied at 8, 12 and 3 in the morning. If after applying sunscreen, you have gone for swimming, you need to reapply the sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the negative impacts of harsh sunlight.

Following above tips can help you to keep your skin looking fresh and young.