5 Mistakes we make while applying eyeliner

No makeup bag or kit is complete without eyeliner. As simple as it may sound, drawing one’s lids with a liner is actually quiet complicated. Here are some tips so that you can avoid making mistakes that most of us make when applying eyeliner.

  1. Dry Pencil-If your eye pencil has become too dry, don’t think too much about tossing it in the bin. Drawing a line on your eyelid with a dry pencil will result in you pulling it to flow right and also leave skid marks.Buy a new pencil that is creamy and literally glides on your lid.
  2. Color-Just because the market is flooded with eyeliners in every shade possible, you go overboard and buy them all for yourself to use. Choose a color that suits your skin tone and also base this color decision on the occasion.It’s not necessary that you stick to boring black and brown, a light shade of blue drawn on your lower lid will do wonders to make your eyes light up.
  3. Thickness-Unless you have a super large eyelid, try to avoid applying thick lines on your upper lid. Thin lines have a certain sense of sophistication and subtleness.
  4. Kind of liner-We women are blessed with a variety of options to choose from in types of eyeliners. You can select from a gel, kohl pencil, liquid pencil or brush with pencil jar etc…So if you want a smoky look, kohl will give you better results and at the same time don’t expect a subtle smudge free look using a kohl pencil as an upper lid liner.
  5. Stretching eye lid-Alright, so you’re not an expert in applying eyeliner. Those of us who don’t have a steady hand tend to stretch our lid to apply it easily. But that’s the biggest mistake we can make. Stretching the lid causes marks and leads to uneven application and even stretches your eyelids. The best way would be to apply it with half closed lids.
  6. Skipping to smudge proof-After all the trouble that you have taken to apply eyeliner, the least you can do it to make it smudge proof. Apply a coat of matching powder shadow over the line to prevent smudging.
  7. Applying mascara before eyeliner-This is one of the mistakes most women don’t tend to realize and still repeat. Mascara makes the application of eyeliner more difficult at the roots. So always apply the eyeliner first and then judge how much mascara you really need.
  8. Lining the lower lid-Unless you want a dramatic look of the 70’s, avoid lining your lower lid. If at all you want to line the lower lid, apply a line of light colored eyeliner, to brighten up your eyes.
  9. Curling Lashes-Curling your lashes after applying eyeliner will remove what you have applied on your eye lids. Instead curl your lashes before you apply your eyeliner.

So master the art of applying eyeliner and make heads turn with your stunning new look.


Written by : Rasha Ashraf