6 Beauty Routines you should never do at Home

We often think of doing some beauty treatments at home to save those extra dollars. But something’s are best left to the professionals. You don’t want to land up looking like a clown or with ruined hair or skin.

Leave these treatments for the beauty salon or cosmetologist:

1. Waxing

As simple as it looks, waxing is not something that you should take lightly. When we wax, we also tend to remove the top layer of the skin. So unless done professionally, we might land up burning our skin or ruining the top layer of our skin.

2. Hair streaks or balayage

If you really want to color your hair at home, stick to coloring the entire hair completely. It is difficult to achieve the right balance of color by yourself. You might land up looking like a clown with a wig if you don’t get the right highlights, in the right place and in the desired amounts.

3. Haircut

It’s not as simple as it looks to snip your hair at home. There are a few rare skilled individuals who can manage to make themselves look great by snipping a few locks here and there. But my advice to you would be to let someone else do the cutting. Of course you can always attempt to trim your bangs or split ends, but do not go beyond that.

4. Eyebrows

You are not going to save tons of dollars by doing your eyebrows by yourself. It is harmless to pick a strand or two. But it is best done by a professional. If you mess up on the shape of the brow there is nothing you can do but wait it out.  You must also remember that bald spots in eyebrows take longer to grow back than the hair on your head.

5. Chemical hair treatments

There are several chemical hair treatments in the market that offer to curl your hair or straighten it like a rod. These chemical are often very harsh and one should take extreme care when using them. So if you mess up just a wee bit, you are going to ruin your hair. So leave these fancy chemical treatments to the pros.

6. Chemical peels

Chemical peels are great to remove tans, spots and even acne. But it is best left to the professionals. If not done right you could land up burning your face or causing permanent scars.  You should definitely not attempt one just before a big event. You never know what allergic reaction the peel may cause.

Please do not attempt to try these treatments at home and risk damage to your body and self.