Do you constantly worry about your child and wonder if they are happy at school? Do you look for signs showing they are bored at school? Fret not! In this blog, we will provide you with a list of signs that show your child is happy and performing well at school. If your child demonstrates enthusiasm before going to school and after reaching home, you can rest assured that there is nothing wrong at school. In case they look bored or throw tantrums, then there is a need to be concerned. Read this blog to learn more about the signs indicating your child is happy at school.

Child Eagerly Wakes Up

Does your child wake up eagerly on school days? Or, do they complain that they don’t feel well or have a stomach ache? If they complain often, it means that they dread going to school. Try talking to your child about what goes on at school every day. Discuss their favourite activities and subjects. Let them talk to you freely about their school friends and homework. And, ensure that you allocate a specific time daily to discuss these things. 

Child Engages Actively in Classroom

As a parent, you can volunteer for an hour every week to sit and observe your child in their classroom. However, you can do this only if the school allows you to do so. If you are permitted, you will know whether your child engages in all the activities that take place in the classroom. You will also learn how they react to the teacher’s questions and how well they process important information.

Child Displays a Positive Attitude

Have you observed your child’s attitude keenly? If your child shares positive stories with you or other family members after reaching home, it shows that they are quite enthusiastic about school and homework. But if they often make excuses during homework time or show dissatisfaction towards school activities, it is time to act. Some children even develop habits like nail biting or bed wetting if they feel anxious or nervous about school. Therefore, look closely for such signs.

Child Expresses Pride and Satisfaction

Pride and satisfaction are two things indicating that your child is accomplishing tasks at school. If they are satisfied and often talk about their achievements at school, it means they are happy. You can also talk to their teacher to know more about their progress. 

In some cases, the child might show boredom with schoolwork. The problems they solve or the questions they answer might seem too easy for them. In such cases, you can request their class teacher to give them more advanced questions or problems to solve.

Children and Bullying

If your child is getting bullied at school, they may hesitate to share those incidents with you. They may feel ashamed about themselves or may be scared about discussing these things openly with you. To resolve these problems, you can talk to your child’s friends at school. Get to know who is bullying and why. Try talking to your child about it in a friendly way. If they feel too disturbed or embarrassed about the bullying, talk to their teacher. Otherwise, if your child has the habit of divulging more information to another adult (instead of you), let them talk to that person. In these cases, it’s wise to be non-judgemental. 

Make attempts to teach your child how to handle bullying. Let the teacher know that your child is getting bullied. If nothing works, you may need to escalate the issue to the school head.

Take Measures and Keep Yourself Updated

As a parent, you might be busy all day with household chores or office work. But make it a point to allot some time to talk to your child frequently about their role in school activities. Let them know that whatever the situation, they are your priority and you will always stand by them. Make them aware that you are their pillar of support. In many scenarios, a strong parent-teacher relationship has helped in solving school issues.

If your child demonstrates enthusiasm about school and the activities they are involved in, be happy about it. But if you find some signs that state otherwise, that’s the time you must be more attentive and start taking action.