Breast Feeding After Breast Cancer is safe or not

Many females who currently have or had breast cancer will have one major question in their mind – whether it is safe to breastfeed or not? The general answer is that it is completely safe to breastfeed till the time one is presently being treated with hormonal therapy or chemotherapy or double mastectomy. In case one breast is removed as a part of treatment then still it is possible to nurse the child from the other breast.

Breastfeeding after different treatments of breast cancer

In case one conceives a child after radiation or lumpectomy treatment then the untreated breast is able to produce enough milk required to sustain the baby while the treated breast produces very less amount of milk. As far as the case of chemotherapy is concerned, it is possible to return back to nursing once the treatment is fully completed.

The time lapse depends on the duration of the treatment and may last for 4 to 5 months. It is but essential to stop breastfeeding before beginning of chemotherapy as the milk may retain its medications. There are also possibilities that even after successful treatment the breast is not able to produce a good amount of milk. In such case one can go for a reliable supplemental nursing system.

Vital facts to Consider for breastfeeding after breast cancer

Breastfeeding in normal is not an easy task and the difficulties multiply once the problem of breast cancer is detected. It is therefore essential for mothers to consider some extremely imperative facts before beginning the process:

  • It is of utmost relevance to contact the obstetrician as well as the child’s pediatrician before beginning to breastfeed.
  • The entire situation can be mentally stressful and so the advice of mental health expert must also be secured.
  • It is also essential to enlist help of experiences lactation consultant. They can render great assistance for special circumstances such as expressing milk and retaining it for later use.

Is it safe for child or not

The chances of occurrence of breast cancer in nursing mothers are very less and the problem is difficult to diagnose during this time. If the problem is diagnosed then for once mothers must stop nursing their infant till a treatment plan has worked out. Even infants must be nursed only after being sure that all medications in the treatment are completely eliminated from mother’s milk. Besides this, there are no evidences of such problem posing any risk to the infant being breastfeed.

Breast cancer is increasingly spreading and breastfeeding is considered as one of the finest measures of reducing risks of getting targeted with this disease. So, for those who have not met this problem must encourage breastfeeding as prevention towards this ailment and those who have met breast cancer must try to take adequate treatment and medical support to enjoy healthy and risk-free nursing.