Are Meat eater stronger than veggie

There is an ongoing debate about Are meat eaters stronger than vegetarians? Proponents of both the types have their own valid points to prove otherwise. Both Are meat eaters stronger than vegetarians have their pros and cons. While both can be healthy, both cannot provide all round nutrition. Usually a hybrid approach benefits the person in larger ways. Eating a bit of both is advisable. More than eating a vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, choosing the type of foods is more important.

The type of diet one should choose also depends on the kind of lifestyle they lead. Some other factors like diseases and pre existing conditions force them to resign to a fixed diet type. For example people who do strength training cannot survive on vegetables and legumes alone. They need meat to build a body. In case of an obese person, meat will only do more harm.

Vegetarian diets

  • People who are strictly vegetarians supply their body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. However the human body cannot live on these alone and it needs nutrition in the form of proteins as well. Some types of proteins and amino acids are only available in meats.
  • Vegetarian diets are a healthier choice and there is no doubt about it. The body gets ample nutrition from vegetables and legumes. Several health experts suggest that vegetarian diets increase longevity for people. However there is no guarantee that vegetarian diets make a person stronger. If strength is measured in physical terms, a vegetarian person may not match up to the scale.
  • The reason is vegetables are easily digested by the body and most of the body parts stay healthy. The vitamins and mineral rich vegetables give the body nutrition to survive in a healthy way.

Non-vegetarian diets

  • Non-vegetarian food like eggs and fish are a great source of vitamins and proteins as well. Some meats like bacon, ham, sausages and red meat can be harmful. However fish and eggs are considered to be one of the healthiest forms of foods. They provide the body with complicated enzymes and amino acids that keep us healthy. Also they are a great source of strength.
  • For a person who eats red meat, they should exercise regularly to digest the meat and derive its benefits. Without exercise red meat can turn into fat and cholesterol in the body. Also, remember that protein is brain food and a person needs high levels of protein everyday to keep their brain active. Vegetarian diets can only provide small quantities of protein as compared to meats.
  • The disadvantage with non-vegetarian foods is that they are difficult to digest. The body needs a lot of energy to process these foods. The energy can be supplied only through an active lifestyle and proper exercise.


To make the best use of the nutritious qualities of various foods, mixing both of them would be an ideal choice. Too much vegetables or meat causes harm to the body.