5 times when your husband shouldn't

Telling a truth or avoiding it

Marriage involves the union of a male and female probably of the same caste or of different caste to live together for a life time, to share all the hurdles together and to witness the happiness together.  To keep a good bonding between husband and wife it is always suggested by our elders that we should never keep any secrets, we should share all are feelings and try to tell truth most of the times. In actual situation many such occasions comes when we are in a dilemma whether to tell our husband the truth or not. The answer that instantly comes in mind is that we should not keep secret but again looking at the consequences we feel that keeping a situational secret is better than telling the truth.

5 times when your husband shouldn’t be told truth

  • Honesty should always be there in a relationship but sometimes it is better to avoid telling the truth if it keeps the husband happy. The main aim should be not to hurt the spouse. There should be good communication between the husband and wife as healthy communication always helps in a successful marriage.
  • There are some of the incidents when keeping secrets or not telling the truth is considered to be ok. If the husband have some physical feature that the wife does not like it is better to avoid telling the truth. This truth will only hurt the husband, he may even try to change the physical feature, but certain features like height, and in some cases the weight cannot be changed. These types of truth should be avoided as this will not only hurt the husband but also make him feel inferior and this may lead to an unhealthy marriage.
  • Another important topic that must be avoided is talking about the husband’s family members or friends. If any feature of the family members of friends are makes the wife feel disgusted, or the wife do not like any member the wife should avoid discussing it with the husband because he will never like to listen anything negative about his family members.
  • A very important topic that should never be discussed is anything related to the past affairs. Some features about the ex that was very over whelming, some attitude that was very attractive in nature or some behavior that was very pleasant should never be discussed. Making any kind of comparison should always be avoided to keep a healthy relationship.
  • Comparison and complaining nature should always be avoided. Try avoiding keeping taunting about the income levels. Complaining about the financial condition and comparing the financial condition with other like neighbours or friend is a very bad practice. Discussing about the financial developments is needed but comparison should never be made. Even if not satisfied this truth should be kept secret. This gives a negative impact on the relationship and it should be avoided. Comparing with the life style or habits of any other couple is also a very ill practice. Such truths should be avoided to keep a healthy marriage.