5 Things that are strictly no-no when going out for first date

If not dated for quite a while, first date can turn out to be awkward of embarrassing. It has been aptly said, “first impression is the last impression”. This adage completely holds true with first dates. Being well prepared never does any harm. Preparation will always help as one never knows what direction first date will take. There are few things, however, that should be strictly avoided when going on a first date.

These are-

1) Avoid going for movie on the first date

It is not advisable to go for movies on the very first date. Since this is going to be very first date, it is essential to have a healthy communication. When going for a movie, communication is quite limited. One simply sits rigidly close to his or her date for a couple of hours. Interaction between two people is bare minimum, hence it should be avoided. For the first date to be successful, it is important to communicate. This is the best time to know more about each other. One can go for movies any time but not on the very first date. It should be reserved for later.

2) Lengthy phone calls must be avoided

One must strictly avoid lengthy phone calls during date. If necessary, calls may be taken but they must be restricted and should not be prolonged in any case. It has been seen that long phone calls make other person feel unappreciated. It is better to turn off the phone for a while. This will indicate seriousness of the occasion and both partners will feel connected. As it is phone calls are a huge distraction.

3) Avoid Texting

Texting must be strictly avoided when dating. This habit is quite annoying. It reflects that a person is physically present but mentally far away. This can create quite an uncomfortable situation. Just like don’t text while driving, one must not text while dating. This is the least one can do to make another person feel important.

4) Talking about ex must be strictly avoided

Talking about ex must be strictly avoided as this is grossly unfair for another person who has come to this first date with great expectations and anticipation. If a man talks about another woman in front of his lady friend, she truly hates it. This is an annoying situation for her and the first date will just remain first date. It will never move towards the second date. In case, the conversation unintentionally move towards that direction, it is prudent to refrain from making any remarks. This will indicate chivalry and concern about partner’s feelings.

5) Act like a gentleman

Acting unprofessionally on the first date must be strictly avoided. A woman always appreciates a person who is concerned about her wishes, needs and feelings. Acting uncouth will send a wrong signal. Opening doors as she alights from the car or holding her chair to seat her are few things that may be subtle but never go unnoticed.

These tips will surely help in gaining dating success.