Do you have a Crush? How do you know if they like you?

Having a crush on someone can get pretty complicated, especially if you are completely unaware of the other person’s feelings for you. Trying to figure out the other person’s feelings for you is always in your best interests as you would not end up lovelorn and heartbroken in the end and also experience frustration trying to gain someone’s attention who is not interested in you. At the same time, if you’re in the very early stages of knowing the person, it can also be embarrassing to let them know of your feelings for the obvious fear of rejection. Unless you’re sure of what’s going on in the other person’s mind, you cannot make any move either. Every person has a body language that can reveal to some extent his or her emotions.

Observe closely to find out if these are signs that, your special someone feels the same way you feel about him or her.

Behaviour in your presence: How does your crush behave when you’re around him or her? Is he or she very fidgety, try to make or completely avoid eye contact? If you catch the person stealing occasional glances at you, try to make you laugh or laugh along with you, touch you often, it can be a slight indication that he or she likes you. It may not necessarily be a crush but at least a certain level of liking.

Compliments: If your crush compliments you frequently and particularly about your characteristics both physical and behavioural, it is a good sign because not everyone showers the opposite sex with compliments all the time unless he or she feels romantically attracted to some extent.

Genuine interest in knowing you: If a person shows interest in the little things that happen in your life and actually makes it a point to remember those things, it could be a positive signal. They may even try to ask about your family or share his or her secrets and stories that he or she may not have shared with any friend right away. It is a sign of making someone feel special.

Contact: It is natural for you to want to interact with your crush as often as possible and you might be tempted more than often to text him frequently or make phone calls. However, hold yourself back occasionally to check whether he or she too makes it a point to return those calls, or initiate a conversation by texting first. These are signs that you are not keeping contact on a one sided basis alone.

While you hang out together: When you occasionally find chances of hanging out alone with your crush observe if he or she genuinely enjoys your company or finds excuses to leave. See if he or she is caring enough and if your crush too makes an effort or tries to find opportunity trying to spend time with you on a one-to-one basis as well