10 proventricks that make your marriage stronger

Marriages are made in heaven. The world has been taught like that since long time.  Religionists, atheists and agnostics all alike have more or less accepted this dictum. Marriages are indeed made in heaven, because it is virtually impossible to predict who would marry whom and when. Thus people, men and women alike have accepted the inescapable truth about marriage. However, when the subject enters the arena of sustenance of wedlock, people often put aside the earlier ‘divine’ interpretation. They would, rightly so, think about ways and means to sustain the marriage and even make the bonding stronger.

Researchers, marriage counselors and social thinkers have offered some generally acceptable propositions. Finer details could vary in individual cases, but certain common threads are visibly similar in most cases. Thus, individuals, men and women are advised to try some known ‘tricks’ to make the alliance stronger.

10 Proven Tricks to Make Your Marriage Stronger

  1. More respect to partner: If individuals put aside ‘ego’ and start offering more space to partner’s concepts, it results in increasing confidence levels. Due deliberative procedures can always reduce the gap between two sides. Accommodation is the key to the answers of many conflicting views.
  2. Space for optimism: Positive thinking increases mutual acceptability of partners. Such a thinking process would entail adaptive approach with a smile. Strength for embracing all situations is a sure sign of optimistic approach.
  3. Appreciative mind: Showing appreciation to partner’s ideas and deeds create a feeling of mutual love.  Skills need to be complimented. A pat on the back for even small good happenings in day to day life is a welcome trend.
  4. Physical intimacy: Physical touch makes wonders. A little hug, a small kiss, a caress all lead to spiraling love for each other. Physical contact gives warmth not only in body but also to minds. Hence physical intimacy is an important ingredient in successful marriages.
  5. Sharing of time and space: Spouses are advised to spend quality time with each other. A small walk together in a garden or even on a pavement is good enough sometimes to paper over little worries. A visit to the restaurant over weekends replenishes energy and goodwill for each other.
  6. Special care for the spouse: Remembering few favorite things, your partner enjoys or appreciates will surely help to a great extent. Ensuring that such endearing things are done quite regularly, without causing monotony, helps closeness of minds.
  7. Agreement on disagreeing: This may appear as cliche, but the cardinal principle of agreement between spouses upon disagreeing goes to great extent in reducing areas of conflict. Marriage partners must have respect for mutual divergence of views.
  8. No winner, no loser concept: Postulation of no winner, no loser principle helps spouses minimizing ego clashes.  If both partners assiduously follow this concept, the concurrence of views can be visualized in most argumentative scenarios.
  9. Seek external help if required: Certain situations arise when severe disagreements on small or big matters happen very frequently causing bitterness. At such times, common friends’ advice or professional counselor’s help should be sought without hesitation.
  10. Say, I love you: This is magically the best trick that can make marriages stronger. Saying it sincerely, washes off most pessimism. It does work wonders. Everybody has to try it.

Stronger relationship certainly gives you more joy and happiness. Above proven methods will surely help you have stronger bonding with your loved one.