The world doesn’t come to an end after a heart break. You have to move on. We learn a lot of things from the experiences that we have in life.So think of your just broken relationship as one of the experiences you face in life. But the key to success lies in learning from our failures and mistakes.

Here is a list of some of the common lessons learnt after a break up:

 Never forget yourself

  1. When we enter a relationship, we tend to forget that we are individuals and drown ourselves in the relationship. We try to blend lives with our partners and neglect ourselves. But after a heart break we realize that we are back to being alone.
  2. So if you get into a relationship again, remember to give yourself time to do your own stuff and follow your own dreams.

 Keep in touch with friends

  1. Some people have the tendency to ignore their friends when they get into a relationship. They give more priority to things that their lover wants. Its ok to be in love, just don’t get too blinded by it, that you forget your friends.
  2. Remember after a breakup, it is usually your friends that offer you a shoulder to cry on and take you to the bar to get over the relationship.

 Life will get back to normal

  1. Your life will get back to its state of normalcy sooner or later. You are not going to sit and cry over losing your boyfriend forever. Life moves on and you also try to forget and move on.
  2. Moving from a place is not going to help you get over a relationship. You will have memories clinging to you no matter where you disappear on planet Earth.
  3. Get out meet new people and who knows, you find someone you actually like to date.

Nothing is picture perfect

  1. As you looked through rose-tinted glasses while you were in your relationship, you failed to realize that your relationship was not perfect. Everyone has their flaws. We’re human. We’re bound to make mistakes.
  2. So get that image of life and relationships being perfect out of your head. Live in the real world.

Control your tongue at all times

  1. We’ve all said nasty stuff to our partners when we get into fights with them. But remember that things once said cannot be taken back.
  2. So try to control tempers, even if the situation goes out of control. The last thing you want is to be remembered bitterly by your ex for all the nasty words that you yelled when breaking up.
  3. Do not demean the love and the loved person, just because it suddenly came to an end. Give it some respect as a courtesy, somewhat like paying respects to a dead person.

Even if you think you’re world is falling apart, calm down and pull yourself together. Take control of the situation. You’ve learned your lessons from heartbreak.

Remember these breaks and struggles only make you a stronger person in the end.