The honeymoon provides you with a great chance to unwind after all the hullabaloos of marriage. In addition to relaxation, you should visit your dream destination and make new memories with your beloved life partner.  With having a lot on your plate, planning a honeymoon might sound difficult task. So we have drafted a checklist for a hassle-free honeymoon. 

  1. Personal Preferences and Interests

No matter how difficult the situation, selfless love will sustain. Before scheduling the honeymoon destination ask about your life partner’s preferences. Planning together would let you know the personal preferences and interests of each other’s life. It also provides an effective opportunity to become familiar with your life partner’s tastes and preferences. 

  1. Honeymoon Destination

Remember that the honeymoon location should satisfy the interests of both of you. If one of you prefers hiking while the other prefers the beach, try to find a destination that meets both requirements

In terms of differences, take some time, discuss with your partner, and find a solution where you both can chill!

  1. Budget and Expenses

Every ending is just a new beginning. The same is true of your married life, which starts after your honeymoon period.  Plan your budget and finances before choosing your destination.

 Spend wisely to keep a tight grip on your purse strings. For instance, rather than spending lavishly on luxury hotels, book a fancy resort to romance and relax. Moreover, keep track of the money you spend, and squirrel away some extra cash for your forthcoming expenditure.

Don’t forget to consider the below expenses on your honeymoon planner.

  • Transportation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Food
  • Sightseeing 
  • Local commutation 
  • Shopping & Souvenir
  • Activities and 
  1. Length of the Honeymoon

Once the honeymoon destination has been chosen, decide the time duration you wish to spend there. If either of you works and you have less than a week off, it is preferable to choose a commutable location so you may pass the time there without being worn out. 

Consider the distance and avoid destinations that are far from where you live. With the right plan, you could have a pleasant time in your dream destination.

  1. Do Extensive Research

 Search! Search! Search! Google the honeymoon destination you are planning to visit. Go through every detail, no matter how long it takes. Check the hotels, restaurants, entertainment, tourist spots, commutation cost, transportation availability, and so on. If you prefer an offbeat destination ensure safety before jumping in. Otherwise, find out reliable travel agents offering transparent services. Ensure the reliability of the websites before heading for payment.

  1. Compare and Conclude

While searching you might come across plenty of portals claiming attractive honeymoon packages. The advantage of online bookings is you can compare your choice with other sources.  Search for the best honeymoon packages, meanwhile, keep these listed things in your mind 

  •  Must-visit places 
  •  Things to do  
  •  The right time to visit
  •   Honeymoon duration
  •   Weather conditions
  •   Things to pack
  •   Famous eateries 

Do look out for the best discounts and deals on your favorite honeymoon destination and package.

7. Draft a Perfect Itinerary

While scheduling an itinerary ensure you get adequate time to spend with each other besides the time allotted for exploration, sightseeing, and other fun activities. With a feeling of excitement, some couples would jam-pack their schedule. This is an absolute no-no! 

In such a case, remember the below-listed things while planning the itinerary.

  • Book a ticket in advance
  • Research the special events in the place
  • Get a rain check 
  • Include a To-do list in the honeymoon
  • Money-exchange      
  • Things to pack
  1. Accommodation Preferences

Combing all the best features together gives the best honeymoon experience. Of all the other things choosing the right accommodation matters the most. The best phase of the honeymoon depends upon how comfortable, relaxing, and rejuvenating you feel during your stay at the best hotel. The accommodation options include resorts, honeymoon suites, and beach villas. However, the place should upbeat your spirit.

  1. Packing and Luggage

First things First – keep a small backpack to carry important particulars like a passport, (if it’s an international destination), tickets, driving license, Adhaar card, and identity proof.

  • Phone number of the travel agent 
  • Photocopy the hotel particulars and keep it all set
  • Money and credit cards.

Essentials – Jackets, personal medicines, band-aids, plastic bags, reusable water bottles, cosmetics, toiletries, lingerie sets, money, and pair of heels.

Techy check – Mobile charger, camera, electrical adapter, charging cords, headphones, and power bank.

  1. Time for Relaxation 

After all the chaos it is time to cuddle up on the bed. Once you reach the destination, find time to relax,  and don’t spend all your time sightseeing and shopping

Focus on the quality time that you could spend together, and talk about likes and dislikes. 

Remember, honeymoon is the best time to get to know each other.