Should you wait for a mechanic or handle a flat tyre car yourself

At some or the other point of the journey, we all might have come across an unimaginable hurdle. The hurdle which is being talked about in this article is a flat tire. Yes! A flat tire. Sounds a complete mess when you are looking forward to a well planned or even an unplanned trip with friends and family. But, at times the situation is unavoidable and you have to deal with it. Whenever you get a flat tire, the first thought that strikes your mind is either you are going to change the wheel yourself rolling up your sleeves or seek help from a mechanic.

Be Your Own Mechanic and handle a flat tire car yourself:

If the car breaks down somewhere in the middle of an isolated area, it is always advisable to have a little knowledge of fixing your car’s flat tire. While you are out on the road, changing a flat tire is something a driver should always know how to do. Even if you are guarded by the best of roadside insurance coverage, most of the situations will make you realize you are far away from civilization to count upon it. The best part is that unless you are stuck in a mud hole, changing a flat tire is a pretty easy job.

Mechanic’s Way:

It has been generally observed that changing a flat tire is not typically a gender issue. Be it a man or a woman, the panic attack experienced after the realization of a flat tire is not less than a nightmare. Regardless of the gender, most of the times motorists are strictly in the denial of trying out their hand at changing a flat tire. The major reason is the mess that can make you pay for your well tucked dresses and tip top shoes. Some motorists are, therefore, happy to admit that a job like changing a wheel is what they can completely leave to a professional.

It Is Convenient If Mastered:

Most of the people admit that they would prefer changing a wheel in the company of experienced friends. Because, chances of experiencing a wobbling wheel or that it might come off after a drive to a couple of miles. Even though it is not illegal to change the wheel, one has to be very cautious while doing so as it could be hazardous if not done properly. So, it is advised to carry on with simple repairs if you are a novice. Simple repairing can be done easily which would help you drive your car to the garage and so does the changing of wheel can.

Things Needed:

  • A spare tire compatible with your car.
  • A complete tool kit consisting of locking nut, compatible socket and a jack.
  • A little confidence.

If you still are a little skeptical about the entire process, you can opt to drive your car at reduced speeds for the shortest amount of distances so that you can visit the garage or mechanic if the tire has blown off away from urbanization.