5 Outdated rules of dating that should be broken

Romance is not what it used to be like in the past. But we still follow the age old rules of dating from the period where getting at 20 was the right age for women to get married. The way we date, the way we interact etc… have all changed. We no longer send perfumed letters to our beau but instead send them messages on Whats App.

Here are the rules that we should exclude from our new dating manuals, the era where social networking and networking have taken over our lives:

1. Men foot the bills

Which world are we living it? Both men and women work these days. It’s only fair to live on equal terms. Offer to pay, as a matter of fact insist on paying. You can allow him to pay on the first date but later on choose to split your bills or spend equally.

2. Do not rush to contact him

Contacting a guy immediately after a date was considered taboo. It used to be considered as a sign of desperation to contact a guy as soon as you finished the first date. There is not harm to text the guy and tell him how much you enjoyed the date. You can even use the texting medium to fix your next date together. But then again do not overdo it. Do not call or add him on Facebook till you’ve gone on a couple of dates.

3. Do not sleep together on the first date

How many times have we heard this advice of not sleeping together on the first date? The reason behind this advice was that you should be sure about the person before you take such a big step. If the two of you are on the same lines and you feel that you both want the same things out of the relationship.

4. Do not live together unless you’re engaged

In the past, it was considered a sign to get married if you live in together. It was the rule that you should be engaged to enjoy a live-in relationship. If you go into a live-in relationship with the mindset of getting married in the future then you are likely to get married. You really need not make it official. You both should live-in together with the same ideas and not in a disillusioned state. Living together does not really make much of a difference on whether you stay together or not. It’s only what’s on your mind that lays the basis of whether you guys are together in the future or not.

5. You should date only one guy at a time

Unless you have made it clear to the guy you’re seeing that you will not see other people while you’re dating him there is no reason why you should not see other guys.  As a matter of fact, dating several men gives you an idea of what to expect of your partner and reduces the pressure you have to accept the one guy that you’re dating to be your partner for life.

So it’s time to break the rules and enjoy dating in the modern era.