5 Worst pieces of advice you get about marriage

When we reach the marriageable age or if we are getting serious in a relationship we are often bombarded with advice from everyone on what works in a marriage and what doesn’t. Being unmarried you don’t have the actual experience to decide on what actually you have to believe.

Here are the worst pieces of advice you can ever get:

1. Marry rich, the love will follow later

If you never married for love the chances are very slim of you falling in love after you guys get married. Money does not automatically bring love into the relationship.

2. Divorce is always an option

When you get into a marriage with this mindset it usually ends that way. You never go into a relationship with negative thoughts. Be positive. You should have the optimism that the relationship will worth; else it’s not worth the trouble getting into.

3. People fall out of love

There is no such thing as falling in and out of love. If you get married for love you should also expect to work on your marriage. Marriage like a bed of roses, you need to pull out the thorns before you can feel the soft petals.

4. Always agree with what your spouse has to say

You don’t have to become a puppet after you get married. But that also doesn’t mean you pick up an argument for every single issue. Feel free to discuss your disagreements with each other. If you always agree with what he has to say he might think he’s right all the time.

5. You should not go to bed angry

It does seem like a nice thought that you should sleep together on good terms. It is always better to get your misunderstandings sorted out after a good night’s rest, on a clear head.

So if you keep getting all kinds of advice of marriage, especially from single women, make sure they are proper before you even consider them.