A Live-In – Does It Help Your Relationship?

Marriage is one of the oldest institutions of our society and has been practiced since ages.  It is accepted in the society, families and cultures. But due to the changes in the society and a lot of western culture influencing today’s youth, the rage of ‘live in relationships’ is increasing in metro cities. They prefer staying together instead of marrying even though it is not considered as legal or moral in many countries. It is not accepted in the society, religions and cultures of different countries, but there is a rapid increase in the number of couples who prefer staying together without marriage.

There are many advantages and a live in relationship helps nurturing the bond together. Further,  the couple gets freedom from many duties and liabilities which they don’t get into marriage.

  1. No Financial liability – The couple can experience immense financial freedom unlike marriage. In marriage, the couples have to share their earnings and have to handle the monthly expenses and other liabilities. Though still all couples do not follow this rule, but there is no argument about any financial matters between them and this helps create a strong bond between them. They trust each other and have faith as they share all of the finances between them.
  2. Freedom – Freedom is the main and very important benefit of a live in relationship. Couples do not commit on any duties or responsibilities not accept any of them. They choose to live their life with utmost ease and freedom as there are no commitments unlike marriage. Freedom of movement and freedom of their own expenses, creates a strong bond with the partner having love and understanding relationship.
  3. Compatibility – Live in is the best test to understand if the partner suits you or not. It gives a sneak peek into the post wedding life. Moreover, you can analyze the thoughts of our partner about the religions, sex, society, culture, money and his future plans.  You may also discover some new things about your partner and can have common views and interests.  You can also think about his habits and observe what he does in his private time.
  4. Changing the partner – The biggest advantage of a live in is that changing the partner is very easy without having any legal procedure and tensions of the society and family. You may just pack your bags and move out. There might be a heart break, which may recover after some time, but as there is no commitment in the relationship walking out on the partner is very easy.
  5. No Divorce – Marriages have to undergo a lot of commitment issues and have to solve expensive legal issues. Live in relationships can end very soon with ease.  Young people have lost their charm about marriage due to the commitment issues and elders are scared to enter a marital relationship if they have earlier experienced an abusive marriage.

It has been observed that a live-in helps a relationship in good ways and reduce the chances of divorce. It has been a personal decision whether a person wants to enter a live in or not and a matter of debate among the society. It’s an important decision. Marriage or a live-in, you need to handle it well. Understand both pros and cons and then make a decision wisely.