We have all adopted some kind of makeup routine since we started learning how to apply it. However, have you ever noticed that the same makeup routine you follow religiously might not be working all the time? Well, it is important to ensure your makeup rituals are healthy and age-appropriate.  So while you’re busy experimenting, we have put together some makeup mistakes that make you look tired which must be avoided at any cost.

What Makeup Makes You Look Tired

Is your makeup making you look dull? Makeup when not applied properly makes you look sick and tired. Here are some of the makeup mistakes that make your makeup look dull and tired.

You Skip Moisturizer 

Don’t apply makeup before you put on a moisturizer. Applying any makeup on dry, flaky skin can make you look incredibly tired and dried out. Moisturizer will do wonders for your skin. It smoothes the skin’s surface for a more even foundation or concealer application and can even help makeup stay on longer. It helps to hydrate your skin from the dry dull look.

Applying Too Much Eyeliner


We all love to define our eyelids by applying different colors of eyeliners. But it might not be such a good idea to make it too thick and dark. Thick and dark lines give the impression of having small or tired eyes. 

We Never Touch Up


After a couple of hours, every makeup needs to be touched up and redone. Your lipstick might be smudged or your eyeliner might have spread all around your eyes or you might have even sweat off your foundation and many more makeup collapses may happen. Whatever problems you have with your makeup should be fixed every couple of hours unless you want to look all unkempt and as if you sleep with your makeup on. 

You Forget About Blush


Blush lightens our faces. It adds a touch of color. If you forget to add blush after applying concealer and foundation, you will end up looking shabby.

Apply the Right Foundation

The foundation should be applied right. Not too little not too much and in the same shade as your skin tone. Wearing no foundation at all will make you look pale and when you apply lipstick or mascara the skin will stand out looking all ugly.

If you wear your foundation like a cake then it will look ugly, with lines and wrinkles that are likely to form. Wear your foundation right by selecting the right color that matches your cheekbones or inner arms. And most important of all, do not forget to blend your foundation to make it look all-natural and not like you have something to hide in your face. 

You Use the Wrong Undereye Concealer 

Concealer that looks too dark or too light for your face will inevitably make you look so dull and tired. Apply it in a well-lit room to make sure that it looks natural. And whenever you test a new product, use a hand mirror to see how it looks in different rooms with varied lighting.  

Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Less Tired

Eye Cream With Tinted Moisturizer 

We all know the importance of using an under-eye cream every day, but if you want a quick de-puff session. A small amount of tinted moisturizer mixed with eye cream can brighten your eyes. This will help you hide your eye bags. This can help you to hide your tired and dull face.

White Eyeliner


The quick and easy way to get rid of tired eyes is by using white eyeliner or nude kajal pencil for eyelids. The white eyeliner not only refreshes your eyes but also makes them bigger and awake. 

Follow these steps for a tried less beautiful makeup look. I hope this blog helps you to get rid of makeup mistakes that make you look dull and tired.