3 Things to make you feel better about being single

Are you fed up of being single? Do you feel bad to be the only one without a partner when you go out with friends? Do you feel that you are missing out on something be not being in a committed relationship?

If you’re answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions then you’ll soon be reevaluating your thoughts after reading the following reasons about why it’s not so bad being single”.

1.A married person could be feeling alone just as you

Just because a person is married doesn’t mean he or she has a wonderful relationship with his or her partner. They might be having problems of communication or even misunderstanding resulting in them feeling isolated and lonely.

2.You have your life set out ahead of you

When a person gets married you not get the added responsibility of where you should lead your family but you also the usual existing problems that you always had. Of course being married you have another person with which you can share your problems. Married people also go through the same problems and phases in life as you do. The only difference is that they are married and share it with someone else. Life does not automatically become easy for you as soon as you get married. You get to go through your share of problems and challenges with those of your partners.

3.What you see is not always what it really is

Married couples do not like to wash their dirty linen in public. What might look like a rosy picture from the outside might not be the same on the inside. Couples don’t like to give the impression to others that their personal lives are in turmoil. So they act and make others believe that all is well.

So if you’re still worrying about the fact that you’re single please think again as married couples have their fair share of troubles.