5 Ways That Love Is Good For Your Health

Relationships are an integral part of human life. They bring love in your life. Apart from hectic dates, dinner reservations, inflated gifts there are many more benefits that love brings to you. We all experience the universal emotion called love in some point in our life. We love our friends, families, children, parents and our pets. We also love art, music, food and our jobs. Love can be very strong and can create a bond with a person, thing or even with our feelings. It is the most powerful emotion man has ever felt. Love has proven that it can affect our health and lifestyle to a great extent. The emotion connects with our heart and with our well being and it can be good for your health.

  • Human beings in love have lower stress levels as compared to others. The couples in love live a happy and stress free life than the unmarried and unhappily married couples.  These couples also have lower blood pressure than other couples. The couples who have some issues or are unhappy in their married life have higher blood pressure rate than couples in love. Singles or post college adults can experience higher depression, mood swings, suicidal behavior, adjustment issues and stress.
  • Two people who are in love can stay happy with each other and can be healthy both mentally and physically. They enjoy each other’s company and can never feel depressed. Research has proven that couples who are recently married, have a lesser depression percentage than unmarried people. Studies have also shown that people who are not married and have many sexual partners can lead to more mental and physical problems. Couples who are in love are also seen at the lower risk to mental issues, and also tackle the Psychological issues well that come in later life.
  • Love life increases the immunity of the body. Couples who love to get intimate with their partners or friends are comparatively healthier than others. They have less annual visits to the doctor than people who do not have a love life. Oxytocin is released when the couple gets intimate with the romantic partner increasing the immunity of the body.
  • Love can lead to a longer lifespan in couples than unmarried people. It has been seen that married men suffer less from the heart attack than unmarried men and the couple has less exposure to the diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart attacks.
  • Happiness is the most important part of the love life. It has been observed that couples who are madly in love activate the dopamine in the brain. The studies also show that the images of the brain with dopamine were different in people who were in love and who were sexually aroused. These people are happier than any other people.

Love is not about being selfish but it is taking care of yourself and your partner. When you go through the experience there are numerous benefits that you may realize and will lead to a happy and balanced life.