5 signs your relationship is going nowhere fast

It is commonly known and heard that the key to a healthy relationship is trust, communication, realization for each other and infinite love. As we are becoming modernized and advanced with time, relationships are just becoming a matter of necessity. However, if we take a look at some generations back then we can definitely feel the difference. It is very essential for couples to maintain respect and give utmost importance to the intensity of one’s relationship. But as people are running behind other things and priorities in life, they are missing a check on their relationship meter. What happens when all of a sudden you realize that your relationship is sounding like a still water? What happens when you find your partner to be less interested with you? Let us understand signs that depict stagnation in your relationship.

5 signs your relationship is stagnant:

1. No future planning and talks: No relationship has ever succeeded without the presence of any future commitments. If your relationship lacks this, then it is definitely heading towards a wrong direction. For any healthy relationship, it is important to discuss and plan for future. This helps in deepening the love for one another. By making plans for future, the relationship gets great direction to move in right direction. The achievements bring a great sense of pride and cherish for one another.

2. Accept the facts said by him: Women are found to be very emotional when it comes to relationship and commitments. Men are straight and honest on face value. It is essential for women to understand his sayings. Some men openly admit that they are not marriage materials. But women often ignore it, thinking they will change their men for sure. But it is essential to accept the fact, rather than dreaming about a future with such partner.

3. Nothing more than Sex: It is very obviously accepted that sex is the basic need of a person alongwith food, water, shelter and clothing. But a relationship with only sex and nothing in common can just be a misconception. Being physical is really essential in every relationship. It is indeed the need of time and love. But it is also important for couples to share and discuss the other important aspects of life as well. In case, it is lacking in your relationship, then it is indeed going nowhere.

4. Avoid being physical: Even if couples are comfortable and sharing everything in common but not sex then definitely the relationship needs a check. A physical intimacy leads a person to an altogether new level. Sex is essential in any relationship. However, it depends upon the couples, when they really want to invite that. If this is the case, then it is essential for couples to work upon this.

5. Not taking relationship as first priority: It is agreed that Love is not the only solution in life. A person needs a good career, stability, money, power, friends, etc… for sustaining in life. But in case couples completely ignore giving time to their spouse then this can turn out to be a serious matter. Relationships should be given the first priority before other important things in life.