6 Mistakes we make when blow-drying our hair

Heating appliances cause a lot of damage to our hair. Yet we cannot do without it to make our hair look all bouncy and set.When the ladies at the salon do our hair it looks fabulous but when we attempt to recreate the same look at home we often land up with a disaster in our hands.

Here are some mistakes that we make when we blow-dry our hair:

1.Not applying heat protectors

When you use heating appliances it is very essential to protect your hair from the heat unless you want to land up with dry frizzy or burnt hair.

2.Not drying your hair before using the appliances

It is very important for you to dry your wet hair before you start using the heating appliances. If you don’t, you stand chances of damaging your hair. A quick way to ensure that all your hair is dry is to blow dry all the sections of your hair using the cool option on your phone.

3.Not creating sections

It is always better to separate your hair into various sections so as to separate the wet from the finished strands of hair.

4.Stinging on styling products

Adding too less of a styling product is not going to make any difference to your hair. You will still experience frizz and fly away’s if you do not use enough. Always use the required quantity to get the expected results. Adding too much also is not recommended as it will make your hair appear greasy in the long run.

5.Not using the nozzle

There is a reason why your hair dryer comes with a nozzle. It is to concentrate the heat to a particular area. Not using the nozzle will allow the heat to spread all over the hair and make it dry and frizzy.

6.Using the wrong hair brush

Remember to use the right hair brush when blow drying your hair. A brush with metal bristles will only damage your hair as it does not help in regulating the heat. Try to use a regular boar bristled brush.


Now that you know what you’re doing wrong in while styling your hair with a blow-dryer, you can once again attempt to get that salon like hairstyle. You might just get lucky this time.