Do first impressions matter in love?

Love is an exquisite emotion that is indescribably beautiful. Even though love and a crush are very different from one another, they both provide us with the most delightful feelings. Consider the scenario where you’ve had a crush on your coworker for a while and now you have the chance to go on a date. But you happened to ruin the entire date as you had no idea how to proceed. You might come up with a lot of excuses for messing up, but you wouldn’t know that your initial impression was inadequate. Most people don’t actually think that first impressions matter. 

Any form of relationship is heavily influenced by the first impression. People will take note of your behavior and character when it comes to falling in love. You don’t need to pretend to be someone in order to make a good first impression in dating; all you need to do is integrate a few elements to have a successful date.

How to make a great first impression

1. Be Presentable

Many of us occasionally take time off from cleaning ourselves. However, you should never even consider it when out on a date. Each of us has a favourite outfit that makes us feel more attractive and confident. Put on your best clothes, spritz on some fragrance, accessorize and allow your clothing to complement the setting where you are going on a date. If you’re going to a cafe, for instance, don’t wear anything too formal. We understand how our hearts race when we are with the person of our dreams, thus we would never advise you to try to control your excitement. Simply putting on a smile will help you to hide it from view, though.

2. Plan something interesting

Awkwardness is unavoidable while on a date since the pair will certainly run out of things to say and may occasionally remain silent because they are at a loss for words. Plan what you would say and how you would react in order to avoid all of this. Plan a trip to a place where there will be lots of things to speak about, such as a show or a sporting event.

3. Be careful with your questions

Never ask personal or interrogative questions. Let’s say, for instance, that you ask your date about their hobbies, whether they have a pet, favourite sports, music, and foods, but you must refrain from asking them about their previous relationships or other personal questions. Never interrupt your date while they are talking about something, and be kind to them. Additionally, you should not be the only person to shoot questions, give a chance for them to know about you. 

4. Be Genuine 

Never lie to your date or brag about yourself.  If you really like them, let them know that you are very interested in them. Be sincere and keep eye contact. Start a discussion about a topic you two have in common. If you and your date are both lovers of Marvel, for instance, inquire about their preferences, dislikes, favourite film, character in the franchise, etc through which you can make a good first impression in dating.