12 Fights every Couple Has

Life is not all about sweet talk, kisses, and hugs. When two people meet and continue a relation it is apparent to see all the colors of life. Despite of the deep love and affection, fight occurs between the two. The rule of universe also says nights are there to make you realize the worth of daylight and vice versa. Likewise, fights and diversions are there to surplus the worth of happier moments. Without a fight there will not be any closeness. Though physical fights are not welcome in a relationship, yet every couple has small arguments in some parts of their lives. It happens as point of views and habits differ and the couple failed to accept each other’s shortcomings.

  1. Being very Possessive-As two lovebirds continues a romantic relationship, they become very possessive for each other. If you find your partner keeping contact with her ex then it calls for an obvious fight. You are so close to her heart that you cannot tolerate a single deviance of attraction from her side. In this situation, if you come to know about her lenience towards her past, then it is clear to explode.
  2. Finance-Many time couples fight over the matters of money. If you find your better half is a spendthrift and spends money recklessly or vice versa, then there are possibility of a fight between you and her. If you are earning by the sweat of your brow and finding your partner spending them carelessly, then of course there will be a fight between you two.
  3. SexThis is another issue on which couple often has a fight. A healthy sex life with your partner is really essential. This allows the relationship grow deeper and stronger. However, in a continual relationship many a time you have to face the rejection from your partner. It is natural that your partner may not feel the physical urge or not in the mood of physical intercourse every time as you. However, if your wishes and requirements do not fulfill, it is common you revert back with same rudeness.
  4. Daily chores-Daily Chores, like cleaning, washing, attending office, or cooking are something we cannot run away from. Amidst these work we totally lost our cool if chores are not divided equally between you and your partner. If you find yourself managing all the stuff alone, then obviously there will be a fight as this is not healthy.
  5. In Laws-In laws can also act like fuel in creating the barrier between you two. In laws are senior to us and hence, their views differ to us. If somehow you disrespect them in any way, it can fury your other half and can initiate the fight between you and him.
  6. Snoring-Snoring is a common factor that causes irritation. If you snore too loudly making it impossible to sleep for your partner next to you, then, be careful! There can be a sudden outbreak of arguments.
  7. Career-Couples have fight over career as well. If you both are working and do not get quality time to spend with each other, or if one is busy all the time and the other is waiting at home to spend some time with the other, then there is scope for arguments.

Additionally, some messy habits and addiction to tobacco or alcohol can also cause a fight between you and your partner. However, you can work it out. Just sit down and communicate with each other and talk with compassionate. Respect each other’s feelings and strive best to come to a solution as the bottom line is to possess a happy life.