Our winter clothes need a little extra love and care when it comes to making sure they last long. A quality sweater and winter coat will last for years if it is cared for well, so read these amazing expert’s tips and store your winter clothes with care. 

You Can Re-Wear Your Jeans and Sweaters

Best thing about the winter season is that you won’t sweat a lot. The clothes won’t smell much in winter time. You can wear them multiple times without washing after every use. If you want, you can put them on low in your dryer with a dryer sheet for five minutes to freshen between wears.

Hand-Wash the Delicate Sweaters

Hand knitted sweaters and shawls are very delicate, washing them in your regular washing machine might harm the material. So fill your kitchen or bathroom sink with cold water, add soap and softly rinse your sweater around. Again empty the sink and repeat the same until the sweater is thoroughly rinsed without any soap left.

Wear Something beneath Your Sweater

To keep your winter cloth clean, wear a camisole or a slip underneath your sweater to warm you up. It will warm you up with the layer of clothes and also will keep the top clean. By following this, you don’t have to wash them after every use.

Wash off Any Type of Stains Right Away

Coffee stains, mud, gravy stains usually happen on my pajamas and sweaters. But if you leave it to deal with it later, the stains will set. They are much more difficult to remove later. Instead of leaving it there, spray a stain remover and treat the spots right away to keep the material fresh and new.

Invest in the Right Material

The type, cost and style doesn’t matter more than the quality. Research about the winter outfit for girls before purchasing, read all the reviews about the brand and then make the purchase. There are expensive clothes with less durability. Some costly leathers are fragile than the affordable leathers. So invest in the right material, look for quality!

The Way You Hang Matters

When you buy an expensive coat or a sweater it becomes your favorite. You care for it with the best hand wash and detergent but hanging carelessly is a big mistake to treat your coats. You should hang them in a wooden hanger so that the material won’t stretch.    

Store Winter Clothes with Care

Wool, fur, leather coats are very delicate. You should care for them intensely. The storing area should not be too cold or too hot, too dry or too humid and the way you hang your fabric coats matter. Hanging the sweaters too long will stretch and loosen your material.