Five Ways to save money on big stuffsShopping is the most beloved topic for all, especially women. However, the budget is the main concern. Prices aren’t always low and everyone cannot afford the things they want. We always have to deal with sales people, online shopping websites and customer service representatives.

When it comes to buying big stuff  like jewelry or electronics or furniture, we always look for affordable deals.

Here are 5 ways to save money-

  1. These tips may sound very basic but always try asking for a discount on that particular item. You may get lucky if you get a discount after asking and a scratch coupon may save some big bucks for you at the mall. You may never know until you ask for discounts. Try to contact the manager if the price is not displayed on the item.
  2. You are always advised to do some homework about the product before you buy. You will find different offers on the internet which may guide you and can make you save big. You can compare prices on the internet and sometimes online purchasing can be a good option. Just make sure that the advertisement displayed is the current one and the product is in stock. Even if you have ended up saving $20, it is worth shopping online. Check for conditions on the site too, like payment terms, additional charges, tax, etc. before making a deal.
  3. Always ask for products that are in your budget or tell the salesperson about your needed item and how much you can spend. Just be sure that you get the product that fits in the budget. Many stores have options of offering discounts when you pay cash because the stores are charged when a buyer swipes a credit card. So they offer discounts when a buyer pays cash. The banks charge the stores an approximate fee of 2-3% for every credit card swipe.
  4. When you are asking for a discount, don’t look too desperate to buy a product. Make the salesperson feel that there is no emergency for the product and you don’t need to buy it the same day. This strategy will always work as the salesperson knows that you don’t have urgency to buy it same day itself. Show some hesitation about buying the product. Even if the product fits in your budget and is the perfect product you are looking for, show that you are interested in buying the product if the price offered is lesser. Use silence and show that you are ready to buy, but the price is too high.
  5. Haggling is an art of how long you can stick with that product. The salesperson should understand that you can walk away if you are not getting the price you need. Offer him a call back later option. Haggle for some extra stuff. For example, if you are buying a laptop, pay in cash and ask for a free mouse or a laptop case for free. Tell the manager you are willing to pay in cash the full amount if these extras are pulled in.

These big stuffs are a part of our everyday life and they can eat up more than our budget. Follow above simple tips and surely it will make you save money on the next purchase.