Being a working professional, I’m inspired by those who work no matter what their qualifications are or the kind of job they do. It is even more interesting to learn and know that many women come forward to uplift each other at work, breaking all the gender biases and stereotypes. Talking about women empowerment, the International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that women make up approximately 47% of the global workforce. And we can be proud of it because it was around 40.1% in 1990, 41.5% in 2000, and 45.2% in 2010. While this is a promising number, there are still many ways women can uplift each other at work, share their success stories, and inspire other women who are eager to work and grow in their careers. After some deep thought and discussions with my colleagues, I’ve come up with strong areas where we (women) can focus on helping other women colleagues face workplace challenges easily and achieve their dream jobs.


1. Mentor Young Minds and Talents


Women hold 29% of senior management roles worldwide says Grant Thornton International Business Report. If you are one of the senior management in your team, guide by mentoring younger colleagues. Share your experiences and teach them to perform better in their roles by uplifting each other, there’s a scope to learn, improve, and grow. 

Support and Recommend Fellow Colleagues for Key Projects

If you come across any special talent or skill, appreciate them and recommend them for key projects. Involve them in project meetings and management discussions to support their career advancement within the organization. 

2. Recognize Achievements and Appreciate Them

  • Appreciate Milestones and Successes


Writing an appreciation letter or email might not take more than 10 minutes of your time. Do you agree or disagree? But, sending out that appreciation letter means a lot to your colleague who has just started her career. Appreciation is one of the best ways women can uplift each other at work. Celebrate their successes, big or small, and make it a point to recognize their hard work and sincerity. 

  • Share Their Wins So Others Can Hear


Appreciate the honesty and sincerity of women in your team and look for opportunities to acknowledge and appreciate them. If you notice exemplary performance, share it in team meetings, newsletters, social media, and so on to boost your confidence and also set a positive example for others. 

3. Provide Constructive Feedback for Their Professional and Personal Growth


Constructive feedback at the right time can help people focus on their strengths and weaknesses. You must be very honest with your feedback so that it helps them improve and succeed. 

  • Encourage Two-Way Feedback

Be open to feedback even if you are in a senior position. It is important to encourage women to share their thoughts because it fosters mutual respect. You must listen to their feedback and make changes wherever necessary. 

4. Inclusive Workspace


If you have more women in your team, organize events especially for women to share ideas, vent out, look for professional development, and connect with other women to support each other. When like-minded people meet, there can be new ideas and improvements. In reality, every organization stands up for female employees and supports women’s empowerment. 

  • Build a Network for Women Empowerment

Form different work groups that include mentors, peers, industry leaders, and so on. This group can provide different perspectives and opportunities for growth. Once women form a network, they feel more connected and motivated to work together. 

5. Support Flexible Work Environments to Improve Work-Life Balance


It is important to encourage work-life balance because flexible working hours and remote work options can encourage women to work productively. Encouraging women to balance their work and life can help them manage their professional and personal lives easily. 

Be an Example

I handle a team of 25 women employees and it is a big challenge because they all come from different backgrounds and age groups. However, I always strive to set an example by setting boundaries and taking time for myself. I inspire my team members and this encourages them to do the same without feeling guilty. 

6. Organize Training Programs for Professional Development


If you are looking for the best ways women can uplift each other at work, encourage your teammates to pursue professional development opportunities. You can recommend training programs based on their skill set, workshops to enhance their knowledge, and courses that can help them advance their skills.

  • Gift Them Learning Materials

Share articles, journals, blogs, books, and other resources that can contribute to their professional development. This motivates them to learn new skills and update their knowledge. 

  • Form a Community

It is always important to form support groups where women can share their experiences, challenges, and successes. These groups can provide emotional support and practical advice. 

7. Embrace a Positive Work Environment


Respect women and encourage positivity. This can significantly impact their job satisfaction and performance. For example, if there’s a new member in your team who is anxious ensure you have a safe environment at work for them to feel comfortable and calm. 

8. Promote Gender Equality


Ensure your company policy practices and promote gender equality in the workplace. It is also important to have equal opportunities for promotions, raises, and leadership roles. We follow a hierarchy based on performance and not on the background or the person or the gender. 

Final Words

Be the change you want to see because if you don’t encourage your teammates, then who else will? I’ve shared the best possible ways women can uplift each other at work based on my experience and knowledge. I believe if we join hands, we can easily address and challenge any instances of gender bias and create a fair and equitable workplace for all. By fostering mentorship, celebrating achievements, providing constructive feedback, and promoting gender equality, women can create a workplace where everyone thrives. Let’s commit to lifting each other and making a positive impact in our careers because women have to support women’s empowerment at all stages.