In this day and age, women are advancing in every career field. They are present in every industry or job position, spearheading it to prosperity. An array of powerful women have inspired generations of women to be successful at what they do. Many have kickstarted, rebuilt, and restarted their careers by following in the footsteps of successful women around them. If you are planning to do the same or wondering ‘what is the best career for a female?’, here are some of the best career options of the decade. 


In India, there are many malnutrition cases in children and women. Maternal undernutrition is a condition that most pregnant women experience. A nutritionist can help them prevent such malnutrition conditions. A nutritionist assists or guides people on food and nutrition that promotes complete good health. This profession includes one of the best career tips for women.

B.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics with M.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics are eligible for a nutritionist job. In nutrition, there are four prime specializations-Clinical Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, and Sports Nutrition. Women nutritionists are pretty more than male nutritionists. A nutritionist career is the most recommended in women’s career advice. There are many job vacancies in this field with good salary packages.


Journalism plays a crucial role in our world. Without journalism, we cannot imagine the world. It is a fascinating job to prosper in life and influence the public with their news. 

A journalist collects information or evidence in various forms like audio, video, or picture and conveys it to the public as news. In India, women are most welcomed to this profession as they have a pretty voice and patience.


One of the best careers for women is the teaching profession. The most honourable and inspiring occupation is teaching. A woman is most suitable for this profession as she plays a crucial role in shaping children’s lives. Recently, teacher vacancies have been increasing rapidly at the State and Central levels. It is a peaceful job with many advantages like holidays, fewer working hours, and less workload.

Central and State Governments conduct Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs) for school teacher posts. One should hold D.EI.ED or B.ED degree to get eligibility for the TET examination.

Human research manager

Every company needs a Human Resource (HR) department to reach its objectives from time to time by managing employees and the workforce while maintaining a positive environment. HR Management is an essential part of any organisation. HR departments help run the firm effectively and efficiently. 

Women occupy more than 70% of HR jobs. To start a career in HRM, one should do MBA specialising in Human Resources. They can also do diploma courses in HR.


A cartoonist is an artist who draws animated cartoons like political, advertising, comics, and sports by hand or more creatively on a computer. Eligibility to become a cartoonist is any degree with certification in Drawing, Illustration, Animation, Visual Arts, etc.

Cartoonists convey their thoughts through illustrations and have the luxury of working from home. Most people love working in this field. It also has moderate salary packages. 

Jewellery designer

Jewellery designing is the art of making jewellery with different materials like gold, silver, platinum, and some precious gems. In India, jewellery design is in much demand and can be an evergreen path. 

To step into jewellery designing, one should do Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses. Having sound knowledge of jewellery design helps in building own business. There are many inspiring women in India, such as Farah Ali Khan, a top jewellery designer in India.

Bank probationary officer

The probationary officer is a good choice for women since it gives many facilities like fixed and limited working hours, leave benefits, less pressure, financial freedom, etc. Often, women are preferred for this position since it requires patience and tolerance. 

One should hold a graduation degree and need to qualify for The Institute of Banking Personnel Section (IBPS) Probationary Officers exam.

Career counselor

In the present world, multiple career options are available confusing students about which one to choose. Additionally, a career counselor guides the students to find the right career path to succeed in their interests enthusiastically.

The demand for career counselors is rising since the growing student rate, and it is one of the best jobs for women in India. You can work part-time or full-time as per your requirement. Eligibility for a career counselor job is certification in a career counseling course.

Bottom Line

Women are advancing in every department equal to men. Predominately women occupy first preference since they are great at multitasking and are hard-working. All the above best career tips for women are to help women choose the right path. The path to success is to take massive and determined action.