Get rid of social addiction

Social media has changed the way of life for many people. Instead of meeting people or calling them, tech savvy people have resorted to chatting and using various other social media platforms like MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, Twitter, Orkut and more. These platforms helped people to stay connected with friends, relatives and acquaintances but many people get addicted to them. People are so obsessed with social media that they before going to work or going to school or college, they first log in and check their account. Rest all things take a back seat. If you think that you may get addicted to social sites, you should take some steps well in advance to avoid such a situation.

How to get rid of social media addiction

  1. The first step to avoid this situation getting out of control is to acknowledge that you may be addicted. This is the major hurdle and the first step towards right direction. Once you acknowledge your problem, half the battle is already won. This step will help you to go for a better lifestyle in future.
  2. When you feel the urge to check what’s new on social sites, who has commented on your post or who has liked your comments, stop and take out some time about the reason behind joining these social sites. There can be various reasons like touching base with old friends or coming in contact with people who share common interests with you. Once you ascertain the basic reason behind joining these sites, you will be able to control yourself. This can be done by setting aside specific time when you will log in and check these sites. This way this urge can be fought.
  3. Promise yourself that you will not stay online checking these sites for more than time you have stipulated for social sites. You have to be very particular about restricting to this time. If you do not follow this time restriction, you will not even know when more than two hours have flown by and you are still online.
  4. Set a time for logging into these sites when you are done with your responsibilities and no work has been left behind pending. This way, your day to day work will not suffer unnecessarily.
  5. Streamline your friends list. Add only those people with whom you really want to stay in touch. Adding people who are just an acquaintance will unnecessary clutter your space. There will be unnecessary notifications and news feed that will embroil you and waste your time. Social media can be used in constructive manner too. Find out ways to do something good with the help of this platform.
  6. Deactivate your social media account in case any important assignment is coming your way. This way, you will be able to concentrate on your work completely.

It is always better to meet people physically instead of virtually. There are various ways to spend time. One can exercise, stay fit, learn cooking new recipes, read a nice book and many more to spend time. Slouching on a chair for hours checking social media must be avoided.