Whether your child going to start kindergarten or beginning a new grade, there is a lot to be done for the upcoming year. After all the enjoyment and entertainment preparing to get back to will be hectic. 

Especially the first day, new school, new class, new friends, new teachers, – it’s a lot on your plate. Parents have certain responsibilities to make sure the child is emotionally and physically prepared for school. Apart from the child, parents will also feel nervous about the big day. However, you must help your child adjust to a new school environment on the first day. Here are some valuable tips to manage back-to-school jitters and nervousness.

8 Tips to Prepare for the Kids First Day of School

1. Adjusting the Child’s Sleep Schedule

The sleeping schedule must be changed during the vacation. Since they engage in various activities, they tend to sleep for longer periods. Waking up early on the first day of school might sound like a difficult task. So, it is better to start by modifying their sleeping time.

If a child sleeps late and wakes up late, put him to sleep early a few weeks before the first day of class. A well-rested child will stay energetic all day long. Also, waking up early will allow your kids to have breakfast and practice their morning routine without hurdles.

2. Practice the New Morning Routine

A morning routine helps children know their responsibilities like waking up, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed without the interference of parents. No parents would like to engage in a battle when the children leave for school.  

Create a new morning routine a few weeks before school starts to get the child physically and mentally prepared for school. 

3. Purchase School Supplies

Kids will be excited when they buy school supplies. It’s one of their favorite activities too. They will be thrilled to buy the stationery items they need. 

Children often feel delighted to show their school supplies to their friends.

4. Make Acquaintances before School

If your neighbors have kids of your child’s age, there’s a chance they attend the same school. Try to introduce yourself and your kid, and arrange a playdate. Knowing that pals will be at school with them will greatly increase your child’s enthusiasm for learning. 

5. Visit the School before the First Day

Children might get excited visiting their school. If possible, set a time for you and your child to visit the school. Your child can look at the new classroom, library, playground, and other facilities they will enjoy throughout the year. 

Schools are ready to provide safe environments that encourage creativity and independence. 

6. Share Your Experience

It’s time to have a blast from your past! Tell your kids how it was when you went to the school. 

Share how you felt, and the beautiful memories you made with your friends. If you have any preschool photos of yourself or any memorable gifts from school friends talk about them together. 

7. Talk to Your Child about School, Friends, Teachers, and New Activities

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of the most discussed topics among educators today and is being incorporated into the curriculum of many school districts. Social Emotional Learning helps a child build healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

This self-awareness framework can start at home. While discussing back-to-school, you can determine the child’s thoughts about the school environment. Not every child is outspoken. Ask them what they are expecting and interested in learning, along with any issues they might have. 

Also, there are plenty of books available about parenting tips and back-to-school jitters, if you have any concerns, you can refer them.

8. Make the Back-To-School Special

Try to guess how their enthusiasm has evolved. You can also give a hint about the subjects and topics they will be learning to trigger their curiosity. 

Set up everything the night before the first day of school. Involve your child in the process and ensure that you are all set!  Start the day with positivity, praise them for how great they look, and how enjoyable the school will be with his friends.