keep your feet happy

We tend to take a lot of care of our face, but a few body parts are kept ignored, and our feet are one of those. In fact, these are part of our body which should be pampered and cared. Like our face and other parts, feet also need a special attention. All this can take just a few minutes every day but can feel great.

  • Wash your feet with warm water.
  • Check for any sores before washing them.
  • Use a mild soap or a mild shampoo for cleaning
  • Dry them carefully between the difficult areas
  • Apply a moisturizer everyday
  • Wear footwear that is comfortable
  • Avoid unnecessary use of heels and shoes that are not fit for your feet

Our feet bear much than we expect. Rough shoes and slippers can harm your feet. To keep our feet happy, we can also visit a salon or a spa for gentle care and cleaning. A pedicure once a month will result in beautiful and soft feet.

Why should we care?

Most of the time we wear wrong shoes, because they match our outfit. This can have wrong results in a long time like in cracked feet, corns or ingrown toenails. This can be avoided if we take proper care and keep our feet happy. Unattended dirt which accumulates in the feet can lead to serious skin problems or stinking. A pedicure can solve all this for you.

How to make them happy?

If you are going through a pedicure for the first time, then suggest the professional to go for a longer massage and longer cleaning. You have to pay something extra but it will give you a great experience. Once you get a first session, your next sessions can be shorter. Trim your nail in proper shape. Pamper your feet at least once a month.

Pedicures have different types like tan removal, paraffin wax pedicure is done for a dry skin as it locks moisture in the feet. A hot stone therapy can relieve pain from your feet. There are many choices as per the requirement. For the first time you can go for the basic one to understand the procedure of how it is done. Recently fish feet massage pedicure has been seen where the fishes eats off the dead skin from your feet. This type may end up having an infection on your skin, as the tub may be used by several other customers.

It is always advised to check the hygiene of the place where such treatments are done or you may end up in an infection. Make sure that you check that the tub and towels used are cleaned and the instruments that are used for the procedure are sterilized before your session.

Here are a few tips for soft feet-

  • Soak your feet in hot water with an Epsom salt in it if you had a tiring day.
  • Reflexology treatment for your feet can be a great choice.
  • Check for any skin problems or disorders regularly. Visit a podiatrist if you feel something is wrong.
  • Try some easy foot exercises which can be done anywhere easily.