Is having a high forehead an embarrassment or insecurity to you?

You don’t have to feel any of them anymore.  From choosing hairstyles cleverly to following simple beauty tricks you can fix that overly huge forehead. Here are some easy tricks to have your forehead look smaller.

Avoid backcombed styles

Tying back the hair makes your face look longer and flatter. Moreover, it recedes the hairline further, thereby stay away from high ponytails or any sleek hairdos. Try out messy or loose hairstyles that will help you draw the attention away from your large forehead.

Contour and highlight

Hairline contouring can really camouflage your high foreheads.  Add 2-3 darker shade of foundation (than your skin tone) to your temples and hairline and blend them well. This creates a natural shadow that will create an illusion of pulling the hairline lower.

Add an accessory

Accessories like Bandanas, scarves, hats or headbands can really be a distraction from people starring at your forehead. These accessories can literally hide those areas and add a funky fashion statement to your entire outlook.

Go for bangs

This is one of the easiest and common ways to hide your forehead. Bangs works great for people, especially with large or high foreheads. They also give you a new cool look altogether than just hiding them.

Add layers to your hair

Adding layers to your hair can change the balance of your face or opt for hairstyles that create volume it will make your hair look thick and more bouncy. Adding to this, side parting your hair draws the eye away from the forehead.