Mindfulness is focusing on the things that you are doing in the present. It is simply living in the moment without getting distracted by the past or future and concentrating on the present without judging your thoughts. Mindfulness is different from meditation. Meditation is a practice, while mindfulness is a quality. It is a quality that teaches us to live our lives in a different yet healthy way. Practicing meditation helps in gaining many qualities, including mindfulness.

Ways to be more mindful

In this busy world, everything has become fast and furious. We never have time to enjoy or live in the present. Below listed are the ways to be more mindful:

  • When you consume your favorite food, focus on its flavor, texture, and aroma and savor every bite. While eating, refrain from doing any distracting activities. Instead of letting your mind wander, take pleasure in the food.
  • It’s impossible for us to continually focus on the here and now or to simply have the current in mind. However, attempt to embrace the small, everyday pleasures of life and try to live in the present.
  • Remember to be grateful for how the universe made you. Treating yourself well and lovingly means valuing who you are.
  • Everyone has negative ideas, and when they are given a lot of time and attention, they may completely ruin our lives. When thinking negatively, find a quiet spot to sit and settle your mind. Inhale deeply and pay attention to the in-and-out motion of your breath. This method assists in removing unfavorable ideas and maintains mindfulness.

Mindfulness exercises

  • In a body scan meditation, you will lie on your back and pay close attention to every body part and observe its behavior. Pay serious attention to every area of your body, from head to toe. While concentrating, be conscious of the sensation and emotion connected to each region of your body.
  • You can develop mindfulness by engaging in walking exercises. Start walking slowly in a peaceful, quiet area. Focus on what causes you to move, stand, and maintain balance. It’s possible that your mind will begin to wander from the here and now, but keep attempting to bring it back to the direction you want it to go in.

Steps to being more mindful

  • Try focusing on one thing at a time. Multitasking is efficient but for a few people, it causes stress, depression, and anxiety. Consider uni-tasking which makes your work more mindful and efficient.
  • Our time and efforts are being heavily invested in social media. It also bombards us with a lot of news and information, which can be stressful at times. Increase the amount of time you spend in nature, which promotes mental serenity and helps you stay in the moment.

The idea of mindfulness is simple, but putting it into practice and making it a habit can be difficult. However, once practiced, mindfulness has enormous positive effects on life. Hope this blog helped to gain some knowledge about ways to be more mindful.