5 Ways to Deal With Post-Christmas Blues

We all look forward to that time of the year when we are surrounded by friends and family, with our social calendar at its peak. At Christmas we eat, drink and be merry.The moment the holiday season gets over, we suddenly feel the void. The sudden jerk back to our normal routine sometimes hits us more roughly than we can imagine.After enjoying the holidays, it becomes depressing to even think about returning to your normal daily life which has a lot of stress and problems.

So if you are feeling blue or depressed after Christmas, here are a few tips to help you deal with post-Christmas blues:

  1. Relax-In the holiday season, I’m sure that you have emptied your pockets and partied hard. Since you have exerted yourself fully, now is the time to relax.Make yourself a simple home cooked meal and prop yourself in front of the television to watch reruns of your favorite TV shows to polish it off.You can even relax by soaking your feet in a tub of scented water and a glass of wine to drink.The time after Christmas is the time to rejuvenate and relax and repair all the damage during Christmas.
  2. Exercise-Exercise helps your body to relax and feel fresh. Do put on your pair of running shoes and go for a jog.Most of us set unrealistic goals as New Year resolutions. You should have set a resolution that said ‘I will keep myself fit’ instead of ‘I will lose 15 kilo in 3 months’.So try reaching that resolution that you have set for yourself and shed those excess kilos you’ve gained by gorging on Christmas treats.Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel happy. So start pumping that blood in order to get over those blues.
  3. Keep around people-During Christmas we meet a lot of people, especially loved ones. So suddenly when we part from them we feel the void.Try to avoid feeling lonely by meeting friends or frequent places where you can meet people. An even better idea could be that of you hosting a pot luck party inviting all your neighbors and friends.
  4. Sort your finances-During the holiday season we usually land up burning a hole in our pockets.If you have been the victim of unleashing your indulges and going into debt, then either sort your finances yourself or don’t hesitate to seek professional help to get your life back in order.
  5. Get involved in an activity-Distract yourself by getting involved in an activity of your liking. Be it pottery making classes or even something as silly as a book club. Enjoy sharing your love of an activity with others. You’ll find your calendar booked in no time with the added advantage of making new friends.