4 Exciting Valentine's Day Blogs Exclusive for Women

Valentine’s day might be extravagant for some, quiet and private for some, or just like any other day of the year for some. Whatever your idea of V-day is, it is, undoubtedly, that time of the year to spread and receive unconditional love. For all you avid readers out there, we have curated 4 most exciting blogs written exclusively for women. From choosing the color of your outfit to lingerie ideas that could spice up your special day, these write-ups cover them all. 

1. The Five Lovely Valentine’s Day Manners

V-Day isn’t just for couples! Anyone who wants to share happiness, be kind, and spread love can cheer for this special day. This 3-minute read is all about how well you can spend this beautiful day with your loved ones. From recommending a romantic dinner date to spreading happiness through gift cards, this write-up covers it all. It also emphasizes on the fact that apart from materialistic gifts, a simple gesture of keeping your promise could do wonders for your relationship. Give it a read and explore ways to spread love.

2. 10 Color Palettes for Valentine’s Day Lingerie

For all you peeps interested in flaunting your naughty side, this blog suggests 10 lingerie color ideas that’ll make him fall head over heels with your look. While we all thought V-day lingerie is all about reds and blacks, this interesting write-up covers the elements of light shades such as peach, whites, and nudes, as well. This is your ultimate rule book to romanticize this V-day!

3. Spice up Your Valentine’s Day- with Pink and Red Lingerie Sets

There is always an obsession for reds and pinks when it comes to Valentine’s day lingerie and this blog clearly explains the goodness of these two noble colors. It also gives you amazing lingerie mix-and-match ideas to experiment with on your special day. Go about flaunting these attention-seeking colors with confidence!

4. How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Valentine’s Day Lingerie?

This blog too talks about lingerie colors, but what makes it distinct is how unconventional colors such as orange, green, and greys can add a new element of romance to your Valentine’s day. Not every woman is the same; while some prefer being quirky and playful, there are others who want to keep their look bold and attractive. This 2-min read explores newer lingerie colors that women shy away from.

The women of today are bound by work schedules and financial responsibilities. A day like this is what makes them come out of the shell and experiment newer things for their beloved. And these blogs are sure to give you something fun to try this season!