Ultimate Guide To Exterior Painting

Painting a house is an important task, perhaps one of the most crucial activities for a house.  When it comes to painting a house, interiors are what everybody pays much attention and energy on while exteriors are just not looked that much into.  Exterior paint of a house is as much as important as the interior one.  A good exterior paint protects the walls well too.If much care and thought are given to exterior painting, then it can be assured that you will not have to repaint it soon.

Here is a guide to exterior painting so that you can have a beautiful house, inside and outside:g

  1. Choosing colors: The first and foremost thing to note is which color to be used for painting exterior walls. Of course, you can choose a color that is complementary to the colors that you have used for interiors.  Also ensure that the color that you have chosen is not similar to your neighbors house. Also do keep the house roof or any other external work in mind while choosing colors.  Pick up three exterior colors so that one color is for the house walls, the other to be painted on the trim and the third for the doors of the house.  A tip is to choose different hues of the same color, to be used on the walls and trim while a contrasting color will suit the door.
  2. Preparing for the painting:  The preparation step is the most important step, it is the foundation towards painting; it ensures long-lasting paint for a really long time. Check the walls for any repairs if any. Removal of old paint is very important. If you are going to ensure the four steps of washing, scraping, recaulking and repairing are done well, then you can be assured of a good exterior painting that will also last long.Washing will ensure that all the dirt and dust have been cleaned away for when you paint, you get a smooth surface. Scraping is done to remove all traces of old paint. Recaulking and repairing ensure filling of all gaps on the wall.
  3. The primer is of prime importance: After preparing the surface for painting, the first step is to apply a good coat of primer, to seal the wall and thus make the surface smooth so that it is ready to be painted. This step is very important because the durability of your paint depends on how good the primer is and how well it has been applied.
  4. The essential guide: It will be best to first paint the trim. So when you lean a ladder on the wall to paint the walls, you are sure that the paint will not stick off. A sprayer can do the job of painting external walls quite easily and comfortably.  It is better to put two coats than a heavy single coat of paint. Also take note of the direction of the wind for you will certainly not like to spots of paint all over your courtyard and vehicles.