Makeup Mishaps

We all make mistakes when applying makeup. And in order to hide or remove the mistake we land up making a total mess of our faces.

Here are some quick fixes to help solve those makeup mishaps:

  1. Smudged lipstick-Using a damp concealer brush or cotton, apply a bit of foundation to the smudged area.
  2. Clumped eyelashes-Wet a clean mascara brush and move it along the length of your eye lashes till they separate.
  3. Too much blush-The mistake most of us make is to spread the excess blush to the rest of the face. You’ll only land up looking like a clown that way.Instead use a clean brush and rotate on the apples of the cheek till the blush reduces. If it still seems harsh, soften using a wet foundation sponge.
  4. Too much foundation-Using a clean powder brush, brush off all the excess powder. If you still feel that it looks over the top, then wet a foundation sponge and gently dab on the areas of your face where you think you’ve overdone it.Finish off with a touch off pressed powder to blend all the makeup.
  5. Smudged eyeliner-If you are talented enough you can convert the messed up look into a smoky eyed look.
  6. Too much eye shadow-Use a clean eye shadow to gently brush of the excess and also to soften the sharp edges.You can even try to soften the look by brushing on some eye shadow in a lighter color.