Matching hair cut with body type

All of us have heard about matching hair cut according to our face contours but choosing a perfect hair cut that goes well with body type is something new. Hair style is a quite an important factors when it comes to the overall personality of a person. With a correct combo of body type and hair cut, a person may look more appealing and alluring. Outfits can be changed every day but the same is not possible with hair styling, thus it is very important to select a hair cut that goes well with overall body type. There are some hairstyles that are totally perfect for a body shape, face shape and height.

The natural texture of the hair also plays a vital role when it comes to choosing an appropriate hair style. For achieving an overall perfect look hair must be associated well along with the body type. There are certain hair styles that look perfect only on people with certain figures. In order to gain a perfect look, it is best to take advice from a well trained and experienced hair stylist.

Some most important things that needs to be considered when going for a matching haircut according to the body type

  1. If a woman is slim in size, an experienced hairstylist will suggest adding some curves and body in the hair. On women with such body types, wavier, medium length and chunkier hairstyles look perfect adding feminine aspect to this specific body type. Layers, long bangs and angles also look quite flattering. Women with such body type should not go for hair that are totally disproportionate to the body type or are too big haired. Too straight or too long and sleek hair should also be avoided as it makes your thinness more noticeable. Spiky hair or short hair can give a boyish and masculine figure.
  2. Women who have been blessed with full and curvaceous figure must go for medium length and a layered cut. Extra pounds on the body can be camouflaged with an angled look. Bangs and side parts can offer complementary softer look to the curves. Women with such body types must avoid going for too short hair close to the head. Similarly, shoulder length hair, with curls and lots of width and height should also be avoided.
  3. If a woman is petite, she must keep her hair smooth, loose and neat and sleek with a professional appearance. They can also try short or medium length hair with angles, layers and some height on the head. They should avoid going for extreme hair styles. The hair should neither be too long or too short as it may result in overpowering their figure. They must also avoid pigtails, ponytails, braids, etc.
  4. For tall, athletic figured women, hairstyles that prove to be flattering their body type must be adopted. Their face type as well as hair texture must also be flattering.

Thus, matching body type with hair style can help in augmenting one’s overall personality.