5 Ways to make the most of the space below your sink

A lot of us hate the place below our sinks. They turn us off with all the pipe lines and its dinginess. Most of us stock our cleaning supplies and other junk in this place. Out of all the spaces in the house I’m sure that the space below the sink is the most neglected.

Here are five ways to organize that dreaded area under the sink:

1.Make kits or baskets

We know that you stick all your cleaning supplies under the sink, but are the organized? Do you always have to wade through a ton of stuff before you get to your window cleaner? Separate your cleaning supplies category wise. Buy a couple of trays or baskets and separate the supplies. For example keep your kitchen cleaning supplies in one basket or segregate them according to usage. Whichever ways you decide segregate them, you will land up with an organized space no matter what.

2.Use the door

Do not leave the door lying around. Attach hooks, hangers or even wall pockets on the door to hand your stuff. You can use the hooks to hang gloves, washcloths or brushes.

3.Use clear boxes

Spaces below the sink are usually dingy and dark. So if you hate opening this gloomy space, one way that can brighten the area is to use transparent boxes to store your stuff in there. Not only will you be able to see the stuff stored in these boxes but it will also look great and neat.

4.Keep your recycled goods

Make a sorting station for your recycled goods under the sink. Use a couple of garbage cans and label them to mention the type of recycled material such as glass, paper or plastic.

5.Creatively use a tension rod

Use a tension rod under your sink to hang all your stuff. This method is an instant space saver. You can hang your sprays and cloths and still have room for more stuff.

So get the area under your sink all organized and trust me it won’t take as much time as it looks.