Natural tips for brighter eyes

If you wish to sport brighter and shinier eyes, you can use a variety of creams that help in making eyes sharp and alert. If you are not interested in using cosmetics, you can also try a wide array of natural products for this purpose.

Some time tested natural products that can be used are:

Apple Juice

Using freshly squeezed juice of fresh green apple can do wonders for your eyes. In order to get refined juice, you can use it a muslin cloth used as a sieve. Cotton pads can be soaked for applying this juice on closed eyes. Keep this cotton pad on the eyes for at least 15 to 20 minutes and you will find that you are feeling absolutely relaxed.

Almond Oil, Mint Leaves and Honey

The mixture of these three natural ingredients can ensure that your eyes are extra lovely and bright. This mixture can be applied every night and soon you will get desired results. Just placing few drops of this mixture right below the eyes before going to the bed can offer excellent results.

Castor Oil

Castor oil mixed with rose water can offer excellent results in just few days of application. A cotton pad must be used for this purpose. It should be dipped in rose water, and just 2 or 3 castor oil be mixed to the water. Keeping it for 15-20 minutes is enough to bring freshness to the eyes. If you are suffering from other eye related problems like eye swelling or burns, it can reduce considerably with this tip.

Beetroot Juice

To squeeze the juice of a fresh beetroot, it should be first grinded, and them almond paste must be added. Using this mixture under eyes can help in reducing puffiness and dark circles. When liver is not working in a proper way, it is best to use this juice for detoxification of the system.

Cucumber slices

Using slices of cucumber or its paste on closed eyes are one of the most common and highly popular ways of bringing shine and brightness to the eyes. In fact, the tone of the skin around the eyes also improves significantly.

Carrot Juice

Drinking freshly produced carrot juice daily can do wonders for the eyes. It will not only help in making eyesight sharp but will also help in making eyes shinier and brighter.

Green Tea Bags

If you are suffering from puffy and red rimmed eyes, the best solution to subside this problem is placing green tea bags on closed eyes. Two bags of green tea should be taken, and they should be placed in lukewarm water for few seconds. When the bags get cooled, they can be kept on the eyes for ten minutes. This natural tip offers remarkable results.

Using above mentioned are natural tips for brighter and shinier eyes forever!