From celebrities to rock stars, men with beards are popular. Over the years, beards have been associated with everything from climate to culture and religion. Besides, many individuals jump to various conclusions regarding the beard. Are bearded men more attractive? Most women prefer full-bearded men due to their unique charm and attractiveness. Let’s take a look at why men with beards are more desirable. 

Benefits of Beards in Attractiveness

Benefits of Beards in Attractiveness

Most women see men with full beards as healthy males who are good at parenting and committed to long-term relationships. Here are some factors that make bearded men attractive.

Highlight Masculinity:

Beards are a sign of positive traits and strength in men. It helps to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Women find the masculine characteristic more attractive. So, men can easily attract a partner by growing their beard. 

Showcase Patience:

A well-groomed beard in men demands commitment, patience and maturity. Maintaining the beard showcase their virtues and makes them capable of seeking a partner. 

Unique Personal Identity:

A beard allows men to express their unique identity and personal style. It could be an innovative and creative mix that attracts other people towards you. 

Health Benefits:

Beards provide different health benefits for men. A few of these include the low chance of bacterial infection and protects the skin from UV rays. These health benefits pave the way for bearded men more attractive. 

Beards vs. Clean-Shaven: Attractiveness Comparison

Beards vs. Clean-Shaven

It is a personal choice of the woman whether she likes a clean-shaven guy or a bearded man. However, some prefer bearded ones due to various reasons. Let’s check the attractiveness comparison between clean-shaven and bearded men. 

Bearded Men Clean-shaven 
More masculine, attractive and socially mature. Looks younger compared to a beard-style guy.
Women prefer them for short and long-term relationships.  Provide a well-groomed look and exhibits trustworthiness. 
Consider as the symbol of strong masculinity.  Show off the beautiful face with a clean shaved look. 
They are more compatible with marriage and tend to be better fathers.  They gives a formal appearance. 

Do Women Find Bearded Men More Attractive?

Bearded Men

The beard has remained a constant sign of pride and masculinity. Full-bearded men are rated for parenting ability and social maturity. The masculine face indicates that men are physically stronger and dominant socially. 

Classic beard and moustache styles are popular nowadays. Celebrities also play a big part in setting facial hair trends. Most women feel more attracted to bearded celebrities and expect the same from their partner. So, women like to begin long and short-term relationships with them. 

However, not all women like bearded men. These women view beards as a sign of poor grooming and an older look. The bearded face of men is seen as threatening and aggressive sometimes. That is the reason why few women dislike big beards. 

Whether representing culture, tradition or trend, it is a personal choice of men to grow a beard or not. Appearance matters in most relationships according to different factors. Thus, men with masculine features especially those with beards tend to be more attractive to women.