When ants start invading our kitchen and the rest of the areas of our house, it becomes a nightmare. We find them in our sugar jars and even in packets of nuts.

The invasion of bugs and insects increases in every household when it becomes summer. Let’s find out how to get rid of ants from the house.

7 Steps to Get Rid of Ants

Step 1: Identify the ant

If you need to, take a picture of the ant and send it to your University to help you identify it and also to give you tips and solutions on how to get rid of it, including ways, methods, and which poison works best on them.

Step 2: Poison in their reach

Make sure that the ants can easily get their poison. Sprinkle it liberally in areas where they are seen the most.

Step 3: Do not kill them

Once you have sprinkled poison all over the place you have to wait for it to reach the entire ant population in your house. Squishing them only allows them to die without spreading the poison to their nest.

Step 4: Clean up their trails

Ants leave a scent behind which makes other ants follow their lead. Spray any pesticide or any other poison to kill the lead and also clean the trail using a solution of vinegar and water to mop the area.

Step 5: Check the yard

Ants usually live in hills or mounds in the open, which can be present in your yard. Spot the hill and spray insecticide on it. If the scale of the problem is really high, then you might consider spraying your lawn also with insecticide so as to wipe it out completely.

Step 6: Block the entry

Ants usually enter the house through gaps in the flooring, plants touching the walls of your house, etc… So fill in the gaps using plaster and even trim the plants leaning on your walls.

Step 7: Check for the nest

If you haven’t found the nest in your yard then it might be inside your house. Search below floorboards or in bathrooms etc… Wherever you find it, spray pesticide and destroy it, so as to prevent future infestation.

Additional Tips to kill ant trails:

Squirt lemon juice or vinegar on their trails.

Pour hot water over the trails and even in the nest

Use spices like bay leaf and cinnamon or even cloves to keep the ants away.