What not to do immediately after a breakup

Breakups are real hard. Mixed emotions are running through your mind. Just don’t lose your head the process and land up doing something stupid.

Make sure you do not do any of the following a break up:

  1.  Live in denial and pretend you’re fine-It’s okay to cry. Just don’t go overboard. Express your grief to a friend who is willing to hear you out. Remember, that ups and downs are a part of life and you just have to pick yourself up and move on.
  2. Change your status on Facebook-Do not change your status on facebook immediately. Wait it out for a few days and weeks. Be sure about the status of your relationship before you do so. Please remember that facebook is not a personal diary, so please avoid sharing details about your breakup online.
  3. Contact in desperation-Do not flood his phone with messages or calls, especially if he is not returning your calls or responding to your messages.Get a life! The breakup is definitely breaking you to pieces, but that doesn’t mean you demean yourself to a person who doesn’t want to even want to establish a contact with you.
  4. Revenge-Just because he was rotten to you, you do the same. Being bad and getting even is just not you. So even if ideas of ruining his career, stuff or any other crazy thing pop into your mind, ignore them and move on.You deserve to spend your time with better people and of course you deserve better.
  5. Be ‘Just friends’-It’s not practically possible to have a normal relationship with your immediate ‘ex’. To move on in life, you have to get him totally out of your system. Now is not the time, especially if he has a new girlfriend who has replaced you. Staying friends will not help the healing process.
  6. Get into another relationship-Do not get into another relationship on the rebound. Most of such relationships entered into on the rebound are not made on the basis of true love, but actually to provide you comfort and act as a temporary replacement for what you have lost.
  7. Eat and drink your way out of depression-If you want to get out of depression, then getting yourself drunk is not the solution and so it hogging nonstop. To do this a couple of days after the breakup is fine, but if it extends beyond that, then you need to get a grip on yourself and stop.
  8. Retail Therapy-Don’t go overboard on that shopping trip. No doubt the shopping makes you feel better. But remember that at the end of the day the bills arrive at your address for payment.
  9. Rash decisions-Do not make any rash decisions like getting a tattoo done or a haircut. Wait until you are emotionally settled.

It’s not the end of the world. It happens in life. Cheer up! Don’t give up. Your perfect match is out there somewhere. Things happen for a reason. Move on!


Written by :Rasha Ashraf