long-distance relation is breaking down

Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain mainly because the couple loses touch. Initially the couple misses each other a lot and craves to be with each other. However in long distance relationships these feelings are short lived. As you meet newer people and make new friends the relationship takes a back seat. Love between couples can be fostered when there is touch, feeling, passion and togetherness. A long distance relationship takes away all these important aspects out of a relationship. So how are you going to survive? Here are some tell tale signs that indicate that your relationship is failing.

Not returning your calls

This is the first sign that there is something wrong. You and your partner have been used to staying in constant touch and it is not a big challenge these days with mobile phones and their apps and social media networks. However you notice that your partner is not showing up anywhere, then it is a possibility that he or she might have lost the interest.

One sided effort

If you feel that you are the only person who is making an effort to keep the relationship going, then it may not be worth it. If you do not see any efforts coming from the other side, it is a huge warning sign for you. Make sure that you talk it over when such a thing happens.


Your partner always uses the word tomorrow for anything you might have to say, there is something wrong. Your relationship might be going stale and it is not important to the other person anymore. Your partner might seem as a different person altogether from the time you have known this person. If you have strong feelings like this, the relationship is hitting the rocks soon.


Jealousy is a major culprit in spoiling all kinds of relationships, long distance or not. if your partner is always interrogating you, asking you questions like where have you been, whom have you been meeting and so on, it is jealousy or even worse insecurity. Long distance relationships often cause this kind of a scenario. The other person feels lonely and ends up in this pit called jealousy. You may do it yourself as well. However this could end the relationship very fast because one of you is going to get fed up.


Maintaining long distance relationship is not all that easy. You need to make a conscious effort to be in each other’s lives. To combat the pressure of these relationships, try to make frequent visits to see your partner. Keep in touch everyday and talk about your daily schedule. Share your feelings like loneliness, sadness as much as you can with your partner. Keep sending each other a lot of pictures of each other. However a word of caution, do not send out pictures of yourself partying wildly. It can make matters worse. Be sensible about the choice of words while you speak to your partner.