Our bodies and beauty industry standards have always affected one another. For the past decade, the fashion industry and pop culture seemed to overwhelmingly appreciate big butts, flat tummies, big lips, etc. Such physical appearances soon translated into beauty standards. Thus resulting in an increasing number of plastic surgeries like implants, botox, lip fillers, fat transfers, etc.

Recently, the fashion/beauty industry standards have shifted to slim waistlines, size zero figures, and heroin chic. All these looks are associated with looking thin, frail, pale, and almost zombie-like. This has prompted many women to lose weight through rigorous workouts, fat extraction surgeries, skipping meals, and following extreme diets. Among these diets is the most controversial and deadly ‘cotton ball diet’. This diet has reportedly been followed by numerous runway models to stay thin since 2013.

What is a Cotton Ball diet?

The “cotton ball Diet” is a notably dangerous and dangerous consuming trend where individuals devour cotton balls soaked in beverages including juice or smoothies to set off a sense of fullness without eating calories. This practice is extremely dangerous and can result in severe health headaches, consisting of intestinal blockages, malnutrition, or even demise. It isn’t always an encouraged or secure technique for weight reduction or appetite suppression. Seeking steering from a healthcare expert and adopting healthy ingesting behavior is critical for maintaining standard well-being.

What Is Disordered in Eating Cotton Ball?

Disordered in Eating Cotton Ball

The fatal results of eating cotton balls for weight loss have placed it on the borderline of eating and psychological disorders like anorexia nervosa. There are also discussions about how eating cotton balls is a form of pica, which is the practice of eating nonfood items like paper and clay. Pica is a form of eating disorder where people crave something inedible. This is driven by the lack of particular nutrients in the body.

Eating indigestible cotton balls can lead to severe health complications, including intestinal blockages, malnutrition, and harm to the digestive device. It is considered a risky and bad behavior related to disordered ingesting styles and has to be averted at all expenses. Seeking professional help and adopting more healthy ingesting habits is essential for those suffering from disordered eating behaviors.

Risks of the Cotton Ball Diet

The Cotton Ball Diet poses intense dangers to health, together with malnutrition, gastrointestinal blockages, organ harm, and even demise. Engaging in this excessive and dangerous dieting exercise can result in serious physical and mental effects, inclusive of consumption issues and lengthy-time period health troubles.

  1. Malnutrition: Malnutrition takes place whilst people eat too little energy and different crucial nutrients. It can lead to extreme health problems which include altered mobile metabolism, lack of frame tissues, weak spots, immunity troubles, and an elevated threat of infection.
  2. Gastrointestinal Blockages: Ingested cotton balls can accumulate in the digestive tract, causing blockages that require surgical intervention.
  3. Digestive System Damage: The indigestible nature of cotton balls can damage the digestive system, leading to inflammation, ulcers, and other serious complications.
  4. Choking Hazard: Consuming dry cotton balls poses a choking hazard, especially when attempting to swallow them without sufficient liquid.
  5. Eating Disorders: Engagement in extreme and harmful dieting behaviors, such as the Cotton Ball Diet, increases the risk of developing eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder.
  6. Psychological Effects: Constant focus on extreme weight loss methods can lead to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and other psychological issues.
  7. Organ Damage: Prolonged ingestion of non-food substances like cotton balls can lead to organ damage, including liver and kidney dysfunction.
  8. Death: In extreme cases, the Cotton Ball Diet can result in fatal outcomes due to severe malnutrition, dehydration, or complications from gastrointestinal blockages.


Eating problems and disordered consumption—consisting of the cotton ball weight-reduction plan—are often handled with a combination of psychotherapy, dietary schooling, psychosocial guide, and from time to time medicinal drugs. The unique treatment an individual can also need depends on the nature and severity of their symptoms.

The recognition of remedy is to help trade the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to disordered eating conduct. People also examine new coping abilities and make lifestyle changes that could help assist their healing.

Seek help

People who dislike the way they look and are obsessed with looking thin are more prone to try the cotton ball diet for weight loss. People whose profession demands fashion industry beauty standards are also more susceptible to trying this diet. Kindly seek physical and psychological help immediately if you or someone you know suffers from the cotton ball diet.