Bringing a balance in work and love life

In these times of tough competition in almost every field, taking out quality time for love life is becoming increasingly difficult. People have to stay focuses and aim for achieving targets. In this endeavour, they forget about their personal or love life. Earlier striking a balance between these two lives was not too difficult as jobs were not too demanding. Today, cut throat competition can be seen in work life. In order to stay ahead, the first scapegoat bearing the brunt of increasing responsibilities is the love life. People understand the significance of balance between the two and strive hard for achieving the same but at time, things simply slip away from their hands. In such a situation, either their professional life or their personal life suffers.

Striking balance between these two lives is just like walking on a tight rope. It varies significantly from an organization to organization and individual to individual. Focussing just on work can not only result in a negative consequence on love life, it may also have detrimental effects on psychological, medical and behavioural aspects. This also results in lower productivity. Studies indicate that too much work may result in stress among the employees that is going to prove harmful for them. Late night working and sitting may have physiological issues like neck pain, back pain or eyesight problems.

Love life also takes a severe beating in cases where partners are too much engrossed in their work and love has to take a back seat. This situation is difficult to handle by both partners. If love life continues to go strong, it can have a lot of positive impacts on people. They will work without any stress, will always remain happy and this will result in the increase in work efficiency.

In order to strike a balance between two lives, there are few management techniques that can come handy. Task management, time management, flexi hours of working, relaxation, exercising, work from home etc are few ways through which a suitable balance can be created. When people are satisfied on both fronts, it will result in commitment, job satisfaction, health, loyalty and involvement. The chances of absenteeism reduce considerably. Many organizations have realized the importance of work-love life balance. They ensure that employees get time for relaxation. Company sponsored vacations are also offered. Social groups are promoted where people from different walks of life meet and discuss myriad issues. Picnics are organized where employees are asked to come along with their partners. This offers dual advantages. Partners understand the pressure in which employees work. They also come to know that at times, employees may need to put in extra time and change their working style. Higher ups in a company also understand that personal lives of their employees are equally important. If productivity and efficiency has to be increased, it is important that employees get enough time for relaxation and pursuing their love lives. Consequently, more and more companies are offering work from home options to retain productivity of their human resources.