Bedrooms are an important part of any home, this is the place where you wind up everything and relax. Although bedroom are neutral place for couples where no one has a dominating side but mostly the bedrooms are managed and decorated by females filling them with stuff they love leaving the male side a little ignored.

So, let’s find out how you can rearrange your bedroom with stuff he loves.

  • Knowing his favorites: when you have decided to decorate the bedroom his way make sure you have in depth knowledge of his likes and dislike so that you do not miss out on anything. For instance what color he likes, what kind of lighting he wishes to have , what kind of curtains he prefer, does he need a lampshade, side table or any other accessory.
  • Get more male stuff: Indulge in bringing more male oriented stuff in your room like a bean bag, a wall clock, night lamp, maybe a punch bag hanging in some corner etc.Get a separate wardrobe for him so that there is no messing up for your stuff with his. It’s good to arrange clothes and accessories in different cupboards to access things easily.
  • Look for Colors: When you get an idea of his taste of colors, make it his room’s color theme. It should appear that his choice is taken care of.
  • Bring Memories alive: Let the room connect his present and past pleasingly. Collect some of his childhood photographs, college photos, wedding photos and any memorable click he clings to, this will give the room a personal touch.
  • Lighting: when you know what kind of lighting he prefers, try to find and accommodate them in bedroom. For instance if he likes tungsten light, get a beautiful lamp pr hanging to illuminate his side of the bedroom.
  • Toilet: An important part of any bedroom is the toilet. Make sure his toilet accessories are well arranged in beautiful basket or wall slaps. Find out the fragrances he love, body wash he likes and stuff like that to impress him thoroughly.
  • Organizer:  If he is an office going person an organizer on his side table will be a good choice. It will sort out his work schedule and any important thing he wants to make a note of before slipping into bed.
  • Play station: We all know how much the boys love playing games since childhood, so it would be good to have a play station and a high-end TV screen in the bedroom to make it his favorite place.
  • Last but not the least: This is the utmost requirement to make him fall in love with the bedroom completely, just add lots of love, care and understanding with any accessory you have placed in the bedroom and you are done!

These tips will help you understand his side of world better and he will have no excuse to step out of the bedroom unnecessarily.