7 Top job posting phrases decoded

Have you often taken up a job that you dropped after 3 months because you did not figure out what the company really had in store for you? Do not fall the victim of companies that lure their employees by hiding the truth in their classified adverts.

Before you decide to apply for any job posting in the newspaper or the internet its better you decipher what the words are really meant to mean. A lot of the phrases used in these advertisements are clear indicators of what they expect of their future employees. The key is to keep your eyes open and figure out the hidden message.

Here are the top phrases that often need deciphering:

1. Excellent pay package

A company usually posted this phrase in an advertisement to get the maximum people to apply. A higher remuneration is always a crowd puller. The other reason why the company posted such an advertisement could be the fact that the job is really terrible and if they did not pay such a sum no one would take up the job.

2. Extremely organized

All companies want their employees to be organized. So if an advert explicitly mentions this phrase, what it’s trying to tell you is that probably the boss expects a hell lot out of you and wouldn’t want you to miss any deadlines.

3. Thrives under pressure

Expect to be flooded with work and be put to the grindstone. This job is definitely going to be a lot of work with no free time whatsoever. If you’re ready to slog then you can consider it, otherwise just head in the opposite direction.

4. Opportunity for growth

This phrase is usually given by small start-up companies. They are started with the dreams of making it big. So basically what it means is that you get to grow if they grow too. You should be prepared to start from scratch and also expect a slow growth.

5. Self-motivated team player

You will be expected to do the job on your own without much training and a team to support you.

6. Good sense of humor

No company expects this of their employees. Either it’s a sleazy company or it involves a crappy job that expects you to have a sense of humor for you to tolerate it.

7. No job is too small

An advertisement that says ‘no job is too small’ means that you will be required to do all kinds of crappy jobs from bringing in the coffee to even making photocopies for the entire office. Basically you will be made to do jobs that most people are refusing to do and thereby leaving the job.

Not that you know how to read between the lines of job classifieds, know what you’re getting into beforehand before you actually apply for the job.