10 Beauty mistakes that turn men off

Just as we women get turned off  by certain grooming practices of men, the same applies to us too. Sometimes we don’t even realize what it is that turn men off us.

Here is some of the most common beauty mistakes that make our dates wish that they could run in the opposite direction.

  1. Too much fragrance-We all want to smell nice. But there is something as applying too much perfume. Apply just enough and please don’t go overboard and apply it to every inch of your skin.
  2. Cake like foundation-Remember not to apply too many layers of concealer, foundation or foundation press powder. Not only is there a risk of it rubbing off on his clothes, but there also is the fact that most men love their women to   look natural. He surely isn’t going to want to be seen with a lady whose done up her face in such a way that looks like she’s put layers of paint on her face.
  3. Yellow teeth-Not everyone is blessed with white teeth. Sure there is not much that you can do about it, if you are one of them. But do take efforts to try and whiten your teeth. You don’t want to gross the guy out by looking at your yellow  teeth, especially if he is out there to kiss you.
  4. Overdone eyelashes-Alright you might not be an expert in affixing false eyelashes, but that doesn’t mean that you go overboard and affix long lashes that look  fake, as if they are growing right out of your eyelids by the minute.
  5. Bright lips-Stick to mild colors of lip stick or simple lip gloss. Bright shades of lip color such as red or dark brown. If you don’t know, it is about time you know that men do not like getting your lipstick on them or their clothes. So stick  to natural shades.
  6. Dry and scaly skin-There is nothing less appealing than having to view your legs with white dry patches or hard scaly elbows. Don’t forget to moisturize before that big date. A guy is definitely not going to appreciate a girl who does not take basic care of herself.
  7. Neon nail paint-Save the neon and ultra-bright nail paint for another day. If you apply colors like black or neon yellow and orange, it is going to scare that guy away. He might not mind the color but he might get the impression that  you are a freak.
  8. Overdone hair-Keep your hair simple. Tie it up in a ponytail or allow it to cascade onto your shoulders. Your date is not going to appreciate it when he gets his hands tangled in your stiff hair full of hairspray.
  9. Too much self-tanning-It can be a good thing to get a tan. But make sure you do not get too much of self-tanning spray on you. Your date might mistake you for a bronze statue. So be careful with the self-tanning spray.

Take proper care to see that you don’t make these mistakes on a date, unless you want your date to flee.