How do you make a girl feel special on Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. To all the men out there, we can read your thoughts! Most of the men wonder Do women really care about Valentine’s day? To this, the answer is a big yes! 90% of women really care about Valentine’s day and want to feel and make their man feel special. No worries boys, we got your back. Continue reading this article to know what women really want for Valentine’s day and super romantic gifts for women on Valentine’s day.

Surprising Things Women Actually Want For Valentine day

  1. Valentine’s day is celebrated by two people who are deeply in love with each other despite being married or unmarried.  The first mistake that every man does with his wife is to stop showing them affection and making them feel special on big occasions like Valentine’s Day. Even Though your partner knows how much you care for them and love them, they still expect you to express them. So on special occasions like Valentine’s day apart from your materialistic gift, express your love through letters, cards, or videos. This will bring a ton of happiness to your loved one. 
  2. Your plans and gifts should exhibit your efforts. Taking your loved one on a dinner date is pretty simple. All that it requires is some money. But creating a dinner date from scratch is what will showcase your interest, effort and love for them. For instance, prepare their favourite meal, design the setting yourself, and host the dinner instead of taking them out to a restaurant. This will bring you close to your loved ones.
  3. Make the day interesting. Your Valentine’s day plan should have interesting stuff in the bag. Apart from gifts, you can plan games like remembering your love life’s important events, swap characters, dance together, or vibe together to your favourite tunes. This will not only keep them interested but also deepen their affection for you. 
  4. Let your gifts be useful instead of only being expensive. True love will never expect costly things from you other than love. But you as a partner will always want to get them the best of things. But remember, you should give them what they like and not what you like. They would have told you about so many little needs throughout the time. Though you may not remember everything, there will be few things that you may recall. Let’s say for example, your partner might have told you about getting herself a blue bracelet which she saw on the internet. But in the due time she eventually forgot. Now if you remember and get her this, that will undoubtedly put her in great bliss.
  5. Make her feel she is the one for you. Talk to her more about how much you love her. Explain to her why she is the one for you. Tell her how much she means to you. Almost all of the people might have planned to propose during Valentine’s day. But instead of proposing, introduce her to your parents. This will not only convey the message that she is more important to you, but will become a memorable day which she would cherish forever.

Without a doubt, now you may have an idea of what women like to get for Valentine’s day. Hope this blog on surprising things women actually want for Valentine’s day was informative.